Well I have shown a series of documents over the last two and a half years now.

It would have started right back at the beginning with documentation to prove that I was physically attacked and then defrauded out of £4,500 by bailiffs on behalf of Waltham Forest Council for a parking ticket.

In recent times I have made my own Freedom Of Information requests and published much of them on here, yes I do now recall that I forgot to publish them all. Oh and I also how recall I never finished that… err series the titles of which I have also forgotten, lol.

If you, referring to my ‘city halls’ now becoming my ‘victims’, missed it I have been urging others with similar situations to any of the dozens or more that I have had to use my… methods to catch you out.

I don’t keep track of everything… lol well nothing really because the mainstream news is bullshit and paid to avoid the worst stories, but there was at least one GP kicked off for telling his rape victim patient to kill herself. There will likely be others and it will vastly increase as 2015 progresses.

Simple math.

Here is one I did not think of and that is that the number of Freedom Of Information requests has sky rocketed this past year. Lol.

Now take a guess what that number will do in 2015 and then have a stab at guessing what will be the inevitable outcome of that?

Over 400,000 in a decade?

The sole purpose of paying things O an never going to see through to the end, like FOI’s is that victims of each public service that want to be able to do their own thing can. Good at maths is helpful or watching a tutorial on spreadsheets would be more than enough but others can gather their own figures and publish their own results.

In theory each and every single public service could have it’s own smarty pants opponent or better still a whole team of them for each service?

Now would that not be cool?

Then you have the ombudsmen and any other QUANGOS. Their are plenty of potential victims for anyone to make their name out of, so to speak.

Of course now, what with way over 10,000 people coming to my sites each month, I am potentially training an army of do-gooders?!

Imagine that?

I dare say that if they are reading this they probably think that while concentrating on me they have had others ‘flanking’ them on each side? Or perhaps they are wondering now whether they should take their eyes off me and start scrutinising all correspondence from anyone else anywhere in the country?

Oooh, I must request the sales figures for Horlicks and any sleeping pills for the last 5 years?! Lol. Oh and for the next two years.

FOI requests exceed 400,000 in decade


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