Good God, I hate people sometimes.

I’ve just left my town centre after putting down since much needed pairs of socks I had been clutching onto for over ten minutes.

But then something happened.

Now after seeing a queue that only had three people in it that made me grab the socks it increased in length by the power ten.

It was not like those on the till suddenly wandered off for lunch. It is closing on on 4pm. The tills had plenty of people but for some bizarre reason that had escaped me for years shoppers climb out of the woodwork or a pile of discarded clothing on the floor that is on sale and all suddenly have the urge to queue up all at the same time?!

This… drives… me… insane!




How the hell does this even happen?

I don’t like queues… never have of I’m honest about it. Don’t like large crowds of people and hustle and bustle. Because the average public are rude and inconsiderate mostly. I don’t like that either, rude and inconsiderate people. I’m not like that. Which makes it all the more annoying when you consider…

I have always got a walking stick and a limp.

I am always in pain and at the very best I’m angry and shirt tempered and my usual limitless patience evaporates. Fast!

So I then moved around looking at other things in the got that the queue would fritter away to just a few. But, no?!

I just cannot fathom it?!

In the end despite the moving less painful than standing still I replaced the socks and left… disgruntled.

A minor inconvenience you could be forgiven for thinking? Well, yes… of your not dogged by a list of pains and discomfort.

Oh yeah and provided you had not done the exact same routine the day before!!

Yes you read that right. I did the exact same thing yesterday and the people out there did the exact same thing too.

More of a surprise was that it was not just TK Maxx either. After picking up a flight simulator they were selling for £4.99 I thought they had sold weeks ago I put it back down yesterday afternoon. Because the queue was absolutely massive!

Of course I rather stupidly thought the mad shoppers would have all done there bit and there would be no couples standing right across the aisle before me blocking it for everyone else and between them not seeing my stick or not noticing I want to get at the boot behind them?!

No I was wrong, it was the exact same today! Annoyed at this weird and bizarre behaviour I cannot fathom I decided to queue in the Game store. Even the store girl laughed because the usual queue along the right hand aisle bow snaked across in an ‘s’ fashion and down the left hand aisle! Fuck me, do I hate Christmas and new year.

I hate them because they are a painful time of the year made worse by the fact the general public seem to be air headed! Normally a term I hate but when annoyed I am more than capable of hitting both above and below the belt!


Why is it that this time of year everyone seems to congregate on the same days? The time limit on these things and even the statute of limitations, of there is one one, is more than one week.

So you see even if I was returning something or exchanging something I simply won’t queue up.

Now think about traveling in the rush hour and then think about food shopping when you keep coming back for the or for days without the most important item?

Consider this being a burden over a long period of time without any help and maybe if the people reading have both working grey matter and empathy they might get an idea.

Now you have that very… lengthy… testy… stressful and boring period of time in the forefront of your mind…

Now their into the mix some of the most horrific events that many could not go through without winding up in an institution…REPEATEDLY.

Now ask yourself one simple question…

With this done to not just you but to those you love the most beyond imagination would you stop without…
…kicking everyone’s arses that are solely responsible?

Look around on here. Look at the evidence I provide. Look at the lengths of time I have strived single handedly to acquire that which I needed to completely destroy. Destroy because there is nothing that is good left within that I attack.

There are plenty of words spoken which day the right thing and often strike the right chord.

Means nothing.

I am starting to appear as that which I intended all along to many people both online as well as of it.

Doubts now drip and ebb away and replaced by wonder and interest. These I speak of are not regular visitors of this blog!

No doubt they are seeing and hearing and finally starting to recall. Recall that I have waited for, for so long.

If not the blog then where? Where indeed.

Over a decade collecting documents.

Over five years recording everyone and everything.

Applications, screen shots, appeals, tribunals and phone conversations.

All the while waiting for them to contradict themselves over and over again until there is boo doubt left. Five GP Surgeries. Five NHS hospitals. Dozens applications for help and advice and not forgetting the approaches to solicitors.





When with evidence no one anywhere has requested to view. Even that sent did not receive a reply to of their was any more.

All because people stopped caring about their fellow man. Even those disabled as only I spotted the wheelchair bound person and shifted while the couple looking at XBox games and the guy looking at PC games stood there doing expert impressions of Meerkats sighting a tasty scorpion in the desert sands.

After all no one else gives a shit so would should I?

My landlord picked up his rent today and I told him about the bolt from the blue. He answered with laughter and said “Yeah it just your luck that you will blog that you process yourself correct but only have so long to live?!” I laughed. Well it was funny!

He then said he knew that I was not drying because I was far too “chipper”. I said, yeah that’s a problem on my blog… I probably sound dark, miserable and morbid when I’m only showing the truth, the way and that I will kick their arses so hard that out will go into the history books!

They do their lying and cheating for fame and power and high time lessons were taught to one and all about that one?!

He also said that he was shocked as business had gone very quiet this year. He was down about it but not as low as he could have been but then when it did pick up I did tell him to make the most of it as it will not stay that way.

A river is not actually endless, sorry DAVE, but does have a source. A collapsing society does start somewhere. It starts with a feeling and ends up with several more so directed in the wrong direction.

Unless you have a degree or higher in business you cannot be expected to know how things are going out well go. Whether to or down.

Those that are seen or accepted as experts have done so purely because the gambled or invested when everything just went up continually. Well that’s not hard to do especially if it’s your industry is going up in.

However what had happened now that things have bombed and bombed and bombed again?

Nowhere to be seen and because they got it wrong. Wrong in a fucking big way.

They have, however, insisted on doing things how they want while avoiding being punished or paying for their mistakes. They still insist that their way, without comebacks, is the right to do things.

Utter moronic tossers, the lot of you.

Your time is also running out as I edge closer to getting your names and… well naming and shaming you, like I have you victims for being fecking idiots where you are concerned.

All that from the fact that the queue was too long and no one gives a hoot.


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