There are many things I have seen over the years that have worried me and have not liked the fact that they have not been…kept in check.

This is just one very good reason why I have asked myself how bad everything has gotten despite the myriad of watchdogs, governing bodies and ombudsmen there are out there.

Just today a couple of friends talked about how much debt we are in as a country and the amount it comes to is utterly preposterous and that is something of an understatement and then some.

I am absolutely at a loss to know not only how we were allowed to get to that stage but also how whoever it is we owe money to let us get to this stage?! We cannot produce anything that could possibly pay off that debt. No one can see a time when we proiduce something whereby we can either.

My attitude is well whoever it is we owe money to, well dont pay them. On the one had they were completely fecking incompetent to let it get that far and iuf not incompetent then there is only one other reasonable possibility…

That they let us do it knowing it would prove to be our downfall eventually, so someone with a grievance?

Who has Britain pissed off? It would be easier to list those that we have not pissed off! Even America celebrates kicking GB butt, but, but, lol … look at them now? Far worse than their opposing force in their war for independence.

One of the things I thought would get really bad and once too far down the road would be a nightmare to back pedal and that is the Internet. This is largely to do woth the fact that greedy and lazy people realized that there was cash to be made and that despite the fact they are legally allowed to sell to the world the laws of any given country do not apply in the opposite direction. Well either that are no one can be bothered to enforce it. Or indeed far more likely they are taken backhanders to look the other way.

What I have witnessed over time is many things capable of generating money all on their own being sucked dry by groups convincing them that they who have no input whatsoever in the creative design or manufacturing are needed and also need a large slice of the pie. Marketing wonkers! Oops my spelling!

If everyone turns a blind eye to something they deem not that bad you end up with…hmm you end up with…thinking of an analogy or anecdote here…oooh wait?! Just watch the ten o’clock news for a couple of weeks and you will get the idea.

I succumbed to paying money into one of these games of late and I am furious after events that took place tonight.

Now the game is Tom Clancy’s, dont hold your breath its a long one, Ghost Recon Phantoms game and the UBI Soft publisher, well only its not a game. This is a little gem I have been holding back a long time, no a long, long time. They are not games and whatever element of the programs you hang onto for dear life so that you can still call them games is evaporating. Fast.

I simply do not understand cheats, well not those that play online games and want to cheat that is. It is simply madness and I really do not see how anyone can enjoy doing that?! I mean you have to be some kind of brain dead moron to think that running around shooting everyone and ending up on the top of the list which is a full gone conclusion because you cannot be touched at all is at all enjoyable?!

That is NOT GAMING and nor is it a game. At best its merely an interactive movie and a pretty dull one at that! No story as suck, well not in this one and even the maps are only a few hundreds yards long and…well I have only seen three; Rooftop (oh how original, bland and bloody boring too, I hate it), Tomsk, Attica (I like but its bloody tiny) and umm oh yeah The Nukes. Oh so four then you dumb-arse?!

Anyhoo…tonight I got enraged and was effing and blinding over the game as impossible bullets were at work again, which also reduces the physics model to a joke. I played four games on the trot whereby the team we faced were far superior to us, well leaving aside any cheating for the moment. I normally ended up high up, except for one game, in my own teams leaderboard. Once again I was emptying a magazine into someones face to no effect whereby he or she then turned around and with a inferior weapon to my own killed me with two bullets?! I technically BOUGHT these guns with REAL CASH and yet the bullets and gun do very little. I lost count of the number of times that I died while chanmging the EMPTIED magazine over for a full one?! Fucking stupid!

You know just because you can programme in ‘C’ or ‘C++’ or even Assembly does not mean that you should then start coding games. because a dunce is a dunce and whoever thought that this was a good model…well the things I would like to do to them is unrepeatable on here! I mean some or even all of the coders have absolutely no concept of fairness so should not be allowed near a model that requests cash from its users online. Its that simple.

I have watched and read about gamers getting more and more pissed off by the day and not good when they say ‘sorry we are greedy twats and we are going to get even greedier and make games even more unfair because we want to be paid millions of dollars while sitting with our thumbs up our arses 90% of the time!’

…oooh wait a minute is there not a really nasty hatred for people that sit around with their thumbs up their arses in the UK?!

Oooh no thats only those that have no money and when you dont WANT to sit around all day with your thumb up your ARSE?! Yeah, silly me .. I forgot! Damn this bad memory Fibrofog bullshit!

Hmm did I just post a couple of things abnout pipelines and …well hints and secrets along with concurrent things working along the lines …

Well, you get my drift? Hopefully?! 😉

Now where was I?

Oh yeah, snapped when I saw a guy 100 yards away with a machine gun that scatters bullets all over the place shoot a team mate in the head 100 yards to my left and then literally as my head came into view, just my head and for the first time in this spot and without being scanned or seen by anyone, I was DEAD!! D-D-D-D-DEAD?!

100 yards away, shoots a team mate 100 yards to my lift and inside of 0.5 seconds puts a bullet on my head before my shoulders even come into view?

Also a good one is being thrashed by your opposing 8 member squad and then realising that you only have two team mates?! When I stated in the room that this was not fair, sarcastically, some moron answered ‘so?’

I simply said that I do not have the numbver of days spare to explain everything that is wronmg with his answer and nor did I ask for it so BUTTON IT!! LOL!!

Oh yeah, snapped so sent them a stinger of an email!! LMAO!

I do like a fair fight! 😉

If they think its nothing I will simply state ‘Oh? Well I can tell you that your outage over Christmas will seem like nothing if you persist with this choice of direction. Will likely only be the beginning too!’

Oh but, hey? You wont have to worry about it because it will all blow over or someoine else will sort it out, right? Lol!



Can you please tell me what in the hell you think this piece of crap is?

I am a blog writer who happens to be becoming fairly popular with my direct and honest attitude. I absolutely hate these pay to win crap because you are illegally calling them a game and they are not a game.

Now onto my specific questions …

1 How is it that I can empty a magazine into the face of an opponent before he realises I am standing behind him, turns around hits me with two bullets and kills me?! He wearing a tier one Tac Suit and me a Tier 3 Tac suit?

Since when do bullets pass through walls and go around corners?!

Oh and I watched as one opponent shot a team mate in the head and hit me in the head also within a split second despite standing 100 yards to the right of my shot team mate?!

These things are impossible pure and simple. You DO kjnow what physics are, do you not? This game is supposed to be based on warfare and though it may be advanced 9mm bullets will never pass through walls or go around corners which leads me onto …

How is it that I have now been tricked into paying out £26.00 and yet each time I do, as I feel like my opponents are super human somehow and probably cheating, I seem to end up being far weaker and more vulnerable than when I had the previous gear?!?!

I have very recntly purchased a tac suit and two sub machine guns but I seem to get killed even quicker while my opponents take longer!

You do know that the law applies to everyone don’t you? If you sell something you need to supply it and I simply cannot see a blind bit of bloody difference in any of the advancing or with the things you pay for.

You had better not tell me its merely cosmetics as I will kick your arses all over the Internet if you do.

I studied software engineering to BSc Single Honours Degree so please do not answer with lies and a patronizing attitude.

I also have a blog where I am applying pressure on government to grow some gonads (look it up) and stop the con that is the Internet and primarily with pay to win games, because they are NOT games.

Martin Haswell BSc


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