Rather an apt title due to the sunny weather. Well yes, winter but sunny. Well, yes he in the UK… err or here in London at least.

You get the idea.

The bolt in the oceans of blue sky currently being experienced cane by way of a phone call. I am afraid for a list of reasons I am only going to…be…alluding to the minimum for now.

I also won’t be informing any family members for now either and they will find out when I know for sure when the time eventually comes. No more than about ten days at most due to certain…time constraints.

It has the potential to be a biggy! However this would be at the expense of being extremely detrimental to me.

I can take that heat for the greater good. I think?! Lol.

This potential had been here for awhile, it can be easily argued, but was not considered to… potentially… be… anything. They normally are not, without giving to much away. They sell would not.

Were it not for that phone call.

In the last two or three previous emails I explained… loosely how I have set a number of things in motion? Yes an understatement I know. Well it is not to do with that the same subjects but is to do with the other thing I alluded to finishing off now I set those envelopes adrift. Well… not directly linked to the things I set in motion. Or go be more accurate anything to do with the recipients of those dozen envelopes. Not… directly, as I also said.

However it should be mentioned on here at least because everything that occurs had the potential… to be used by those I have been attacking and providing evidence of. Used as an excuse to come to with a plausible story in any event that involves any accidents.


I am just putting it out there that there are no chances of any… mishaps and nothing will change.

Well except for the fact that the evidence may not be hovering far from my last lap to bring forward a certain conclusion by several months?!

Yes it may be annoying to have to wonder what this may be but the same thing applies to me.

At worst it will be life altering, that much is sure but no more than this and it simply had to be something because this is the first time I have ever had… a bolt! (Fecking Google and their useless Blogger App and non English Dictionary! )



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