Or the plans that move mountains.

Yes I admit there are times when I should have been more obvious and others when more time was needed before stabbing out at the keys laid out before me.

Though as I always said I prefer to ‘shoot from the hip’ sort of thing to givew some sense of being genuine, if a little cringe worthy at times. I do not blame you if you do, I would cringe if I had to re-read much of my…musings.

For what seems like an eternity, well it so appears to me, I have shown many different truths, tricks, tribulations and much more besides.

I apologise if some did not seem quite so obviously immediate. And I am about to do that once again but not nearly as bad.

Every now and then I prefer to show a little more of what I do and how I do it, or at least expose a bit more of the overall puzzle. It serves many purposes by doing things this way.

I said in a recent post…possibly my last post that I was going to do a number of things this year and to watch out for a video I post on my YouTube account the link I will include here?

This video is done. Well it was ‘already’ done but I wanted to do something rather different his time and with the use of a new…ish gadget which is a Zoom H2n Professional Condensor Microphone.

I stated months ago that there was going to be a change and as ever it has been delayed as is always the case with me and the things I want to do.

There is…however one thing that if you have not been on here enough you must get to know about me very quickly…I do not give in and always carry out that which I state I will.

Promises are not necessary.

The big change I referred to is that I want to do … PODCASTING! There I finally said it?! Or did I already? Lol!

As well as podcasting I also wanted to start narrating on some of my videos using the professional microphone. I still have bits to acquire for this like a shock mount and holder, though I am not sure if this microphone will fit into them just yet.

So onto the video then…

I filmed a 4 minute long video sequence of me merely flicking through a pile of envelopes. All addressed and shown in turn to see the intended recipients. I did not want to edit the narration onto the video until all of them had been stamped and posted. Which they now all have.

Now watch carefully for the slight of hand!

I show you a series of envelopes bursting at the seams …

Perfect timing but why?

To whom are they being posted?

What is contained within the letters?

There are different groups of people but can these possibly be linked together, despite seeming far apart?

What is approaching that is 5 months away?

Of that which I have already exposed how much more can their possibly be that is mere window dressing … or to put it bluntly a fake?!

Just how deep?

Just how far?

For just how long?

My simple and humble video that means the beginning of something for some…


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