The plan is afoot. Nearly, almost!

My correspondences of which there are..many are laid out before me.

This time around there will be a bit of a show.

Look for the next few posts that will occur over the next 24 to 36 hours.

I will, this time, be filming a video to be watched to be linked in here. When you watch it play close attention to that which is filmed as I provide some alarmingly obvious clues as to how I do things and you need a keen eye and a working mass of grey matter.

It is all in the slight of hand and the numbers are everything and can be used to provide the answers that would appear so elusive at any other time.

I will also introduce the use of a new…GADGET.

I will attempt to garner laughs from one location prior to my…letters being posted. A laugh I will mention once they have gone and I have posted up the video, if indeed it does work and get a laugh.

This is a rather grandiose plan based on the things I have already implemented but on a much larger scale. Because as my monthly audience grows and where circumstances permit I will do things on a larger scale.

The large scale of this particular…venture also has to be simultaneous. Well…that is not true really but to to get the immediate effect of realisation it has to be done this way. This is oddly due to the public’s attention span presently which has diminished in recent years.

In fact this blog attempts to make people aware that this attention span has indeed not only been eroded away by some faction but has been eroded away quite intentionally so.

So I typed out the various reports and letters tonight, the 28th December 2014, so that when the new year of 2015 starts you can safely say that from that date all was in the post. Well as of the 29th December 2014.

These letters will take a varying amount of time for their associated responses to get back to me. In such a way that it will highlight a number of things over several months right up to the date we have our general election! Oops!

If I am honest this blog was started with the general election of 2015 in mind. An extra 6 months or a year would have been great but I was held back for the sake of causing…a situation. All explained within the posts of this blog in more ways than one.

I like to think that some would see these mechanical meanderings as a kind of … poetry?


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