I would just like to state straight off that this hack they are speaking of regarding a group called Leaping Lizards had nothing, absolutely nothing to do with me!

Umm I think?!

I will rephrase that as far as I know this hack has nothing to do with me.

Now as all must realise I cover corruption on this blog.

Not quite so many but enough of you know that I do not just have a blog on this miserable subject? I have twelve blogs and one of them is on Amphibians, Fish and … REPTILES!!

You can imagine what I thought when I heard about this hack? You don’t? Ah well did you know I have a blog on computer software and hardware? Did you know it’s somewhat rate to find someone an expert on animals as well as computers? Not many of us. I do have many other blogs but I thought as I often slag of the big IT companies because they creepily try to look a force for good when the opposite is true and I show them to badly and then there Leaping Lizards strike?!

Not me. Lol.

Could be a group of people that had been on here though. That’s a possibility.

What is also a possibility is another group dig this, or not as the case may be, and trying to make it look like me?

Those things I cannot be sure of at all but I am sure that I had no direct post in the hack. Not that I would not get involved in something like this but it would have to be towers someone deserving of it. Crap! Yes, OK that could be argued that most companies are deserving of attacks like this? Lol.

Well this is turning out to be harder than it seemed to be in my head!

Still…’Leaping Lizards’? Cool name! Lol. Probably more likely to be lounge lizards? Lol.

Anyhoo, just wanted to chest that up for anyone that knows what I do and say on my blog, knows about the knowledge bases I have in both animals and IT, puts two and two together and comes up with FIVE?!

Hmm, was it Microsoft? Odd I have not been asked as two people linked to me purchased one each for their sons. They both know about my areas of expertise and my blogs.

In fact I was stating to another XBOne owner who had decided to sell his that I know 3 people with XBOnes but no one with a PS4. He then said he planned to get that and I said that he would be the first one I know with the Play Station.

If I was asked on the day of launch which gaming machine I think would be most abundant with people I know I would have answered “Play Station!”. Reports also have stated that the Play Station has outsold the XBOne. Not where I live it hasn’t.


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