This front page article by the Daily Mail, which is a shocker because they are notoriously conservative and one journalist there extremely cocky, hear the headline “The Queue That Shames Britain”.

It has a picture of people queuing way outside a GP surgery in Sunbury in Surrey of all places just to get you be seen.

I don’t know if the details and numbers but the first thing I thought of the staff, Doctors and the NHS was a line from a song dragged kicking and screaming once again into the news media while had beens using the opportunity to get in the media by singing on a charity single “Do They Know It’s Christmas Time At All”?

Or in other words is bloody winter and Doctors surgeries are for people with ailments, viruses and problems that cause physical pain! What better way to deal with these aspects than to make people stand outside exposed to the elements of winter while they wait an inordinate amount of time?

Thick…as…shit, is an old London saying that immediately springs to mind.

I am surprised to see a picture with a queue like this! Well…that is I mean…so soon?! Lol.

As I have stated for a bloody age on here and for many years these absolute fecking morons and the naive jobsworth idiots that they enjoy were only going to succeed in destroying the institutions they they thought they were running so well. I sun seeing more and more that 2015 is going to be… ugly and remembered for many a year to come and possibly 2016 too?!

I also heard that the paedophile ring and the big name also looks to be coming out before long. In fact someone interviewed by Sky News stated that Special Branch Officers had come forward and wanted to give evidence but are prevented from doing so by the official secrets act?!

Well if you were paying attention I did say that I have…a very high up name that I believe is responsible. As I also stated that I cannot name them as this is not my endeavor…but I will highlight the fact. I will also go as far as stating something that will also show you something else about my personality I have only ever alluded to.

When I hear things enough times I can usually work out whether there is anything to this story or it’s just some crazy belief that the government will highlight to falsely show that all conspiracy theorists as nutters. In fact someone mentioned to me and a friend today about something called Zeitgeist. I had a quick look and is a short series of shows that claim that the US government were behind the 9/11 plane attacks in the World Trade Centre. Chatting to another friend who thought that the US government was involved because of the explosions that took place in different floors I then explained what happens to extremely high temperature and molten aluminium when it comes into contact with a common substance of water. To say it is explosive would be an understatement. But water in the towers, I hear you say? Yeah the drinking water dispensers with their large bottles, the store rooms holding all the refills and then the best one of all? The sprinkler systems. I have no doubt that the authorities probably acted and spoke suspiciously, maybe even lying, because they realised their mistake and were worried about the backlash and wave of legal actions against them?

I don’t think there is a conspiracy here because I simply do not think the US government could be that callous and evil towards their own people. That does not mean you should not consider it as a possibility ever because no matter how insane it sounds, if it is a viable possibility then that is that it is until proven otherwise. If it can be easily debunked then fine. But you have to prove this is the case. You can’t day that something is true because you believe it is our because most people think that way so must be the case. Because this has simply not true in reality.

I stated before that I don’t like the mad and obsessed conspiracy theorists because they muddy the water. Some are just desperate for game and will then argue the toss for there theories even when it’s obvious they are talking utter shite?

But like I said to a friend today… “You don’t know but these worst theorists could be government people doing this deliberately to give the decent and factual theorists a bad name by just casting doubt. Well that is decent theorists other then myself of course. Well…technically I am not a conspiracy theorist. Because from day one I provided evidence… a lot of evidence. I also continued to acquire and publish evidence. Lots of secretly recorded audio asking with mountains of documents, letters, forms and even a few videos too. That will continue throughout 2015 that much is certain.

So I’m not sure how I should be classed, lol. I never really thought about it in all honesty.

‘Runaway’ lorry and Labour’s Clegg ‘plot’ – front pages


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