My, my!

I have been a bit lackadaisical with posts but now a flurry of stories appear that I simply have to post about.

Firstly I need to explain that from day one of my postings I would make my predictions add well as my claims to how fucking stupid, selfish, naive and completely cut off from bot just they test of society but also reality many public services are.

I always knew that failing my postings going viral like that of free pornography, free beer or a dancing baby or even, sadly and worryingly a violent video of a beheading that the enemies mine would hang themselves at the right time!

There was a bit of a test with this blog I for one was interested to see..

I help people. I have helped many people and maybe not as many as the total number of visitors but a fair listeners of them. Because many of my enemies are visiting here. They have much to get through now they realise they have been naive dicks caught with their pants down. Think about it for a moment. Just this blog alone has around 2,500 posts and many of them get like Tolstoy’s famous work. Yeah… OK I am exaggerating but you get my point. There is a lot.

Knowing that stupid or depraved things can go viral I was particularly interested in seeing if the same numbers occurred when obvious facts were presented to the wider picking gaze. Hmm well there are some factors in all this I know not the details of, this is true. But the spreading of the word is what it is. It’s one other reason why I held back on starting a blog. This way I could dump a large quantity of data into cloud storages and link them all on here and continue on collecting more.

Would people be as willing to help others in difficult situations or times of worry or stress? Not quite so much it would seem.

This did not really matter it was just one of the million things that his through my mind far too regularly, lol. As long as I was helping people that was all that mattered.

If anyone did not believe what was it here with all the obvious evidence there was little I could do.. except scratch my head and wonder how this was possible, lol.

While actually attempting to help people in strain situations that did not understand by showing them out is not actually them I was also doing several other things and had even more in motion. This seems to note often true than not of late and I simply must remember to print out letters tomorrow and get then posted off this week.

I really do hate having things to do… well not things to do but the issue starts as a pain in the arse add things to remember. I often scratch my head over this one myself. I mean why is it so hard to remember things along with the fact I know why and it happens to Alzheimer suffers and I then become annoyed with myself for asking myself why?! Yup, that’s how it starts.

I have rambled a bit.

My point was that sometimes…no actually it’s all the time, they will screw up and drop themselves in it. Welllll I think we have established that they are not too bright, have we not? As for the real world, well let’s not go rambling on again.

So when I heard that councils up and down the country were either switching off their lights completely or dimming them down I was stunned and momentarily paralized like a rabbit caught in high beams.
When I came to I thought just how this was a classic example of the idiots that show themselves to be completely incapable of running a service for the public and have not been suitable for a very long time. A very long time.

Oh…just remembered that my back played up today something chronic and I ended up taking 200mg Tramadol and needed my waking stick to get from my friends shop to the town. Once I was there I was in TK Maxx and I realized I could walk, or rather limp, without the need for my stick, which I hate having to take everywhere. I was, however, as high as a kite! Now I must now right a note for when I’m at the Doctors to bring it up while getting the results to my tests. I was thinking just then about how the tests will come back negative. I am so used to that being the case it’s what I immediately think whenever I was referred to hospital or sent for tests. There was a time when it kept happening and thought Doctors would think I was having it up, which was obviously before I started to suspect they were lying to me and trying not to refer me off for tests and scans. But then I realised that they did realise that I would have to be done sort of incompetent twat to keep going in for tests with nothing wrong with me. Bloody stupid and once conversing with me would obviously not be something I could not do.


There it is, done and I wrote a note using the Bamboo Paper app and now watch when I go to the GP next…umm on the…err 8th January 2015 due to the Christmas period and only being available Thursdays.

There was someone else that was important and I was going to mention her here…but I have forgotten what it was. Annoyingly. I am sure it was to do with local councils?

Back to the point. Many, many services run by idiots with no clue about reality will show themselves up. By doing things or sing things that will prove it. Ooh and I just remembered something else with councils?! Note!

In an interview with two women where ur way mentioned about people volunteering to help where the council were making cuts there were two extremely contrasting replies to the idea. One said it would be great…hmm I’m willing to wager that she was a council staff member, while the other was not and nailed it left right and centre when she said…

“Well if I get two days off from work and I’m expected to volunteer. Those two days for free to do council jobs then what is the point in council tax? Why am I paying it?” or something very close as damn it.

In another report some members of the public were venting anger due to the fact that a bus service somewhere has been cut.

So what is actually happening is that everything is or will be gone leaving behind just those sitting on their arses repeating that the ‘computer says no!’ thinking they have done god given right to get paid for feck all but will laughingly still employ traffic wardens to fine your arse for parking in your neighborhood…sorry I mean on their land. Hmm, what else? The must be someone else they will employ that had something to do with getting more money out of the public to pay themselves salaries with for doing feck all other than baking your life miserable? Oh yes, of course…the people that change the film in the speeding cameras. Lol.

Hmm I still cannot think of the thing I remembered earlier and then completely forgot!

Well the local councils have already pissed off loads of the public and they will continue to do this for the next twelve to twenty four months. It will then become obvious that instead of these bow large organisations being public services they have instead been used as places for complete knobs to create a career that they believe is theirs by birthright and then continued to waste an ever growing amount of money and turning the public services into businesses in all but name. Business, I might add, which are miserable failures showing that those that set out to do this as equally or even more incompetent than the tossers who allowed them to do this.

What will then occur at some point is that those that sound have asked the question a long time ago who have also put themselves in the frame for suspicious behavior will realize that this was never something they could have kept to forever. Complaining in recent years that they have been gradually losing money because of the Internet, no doubt lining up for public taxes handouts when they take the piss out of benefit claimants as they repeatedly try to demonize them, people will realize that they only have themselves to blame for ending to in the verge of collapse.

My word, if my degree was in business or journalist…hmm or environmental science or any other degree whereby it bites might look like they were taught all the wrong information I would be pretty pissed! Lucky though it did have business elements to it, or modules, these were minimal.

I am very eager to see how this unfolds and I already know they have…

Grrr, losing my temper here! Tablet is just driving my crazy with mistakes and touchscreen not working in places and had to resort to using finger as styluses no longer work and Google have become incompetent with operating systems and only a matter of time they do the same with their internet browser, if they have not done so already? I was always getting extremely severe heartburn and threw the tablet onto the bed in anger before uttering “what’s the fucking point of buying things and taking tablets when they don’t FUCKING WORK!!”

On downing several Rennie tablets I realised this sums up in a nutshell for me not only what is fecking wrong with this country but at the same time now it contributes to wasting every more money. Not a good day and done nothing to aggravate any of this!

If any tool purchased or any person has ailments that affect them this costs time which in turn inevitability costs money! Your slowed down at the end of the day ahead tine is money which is only important to the few if it’s their money.

It is for this very simple reason I get angry and frustrated with these organizations and they have had the fecking cheek to talk down to me when they do not have one whole human brain between their entire departments that are bleeding the country dry and will insist on pointing the finger everywhere else and in the process making themselves look more and more incompetent along with evil and amoral, like Erik Schmidt did when he took over Google and I missed it, the money they stubbornly refuse to face facts.

The facts have been becoming more apparent and will be inevitably and eventually obvious to everyone. But they are so self obsessed, amoral and stupid that they have not stopped to think if what will happen when this time comes.

If you are reading this I will telly you that if I was in your shoes I would start shitting my pants about now.

But then if it turns out that the rumors and things I read about are true and they are Americans who have played a bunch of fools as… will bloody fools then it won’t matter because they know they can fuck off to America. Well provided they are here and not actually running things into the ground here will sitting overt in the states? Or in a golf course?
Anyway I have resembled on and made my point and I do have some other news stories to post about, lol.

Labour attacks street light cuts http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-30569215


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