Will it was only a matter of time before the subject of insurance for your gadgets was to hit the headlines. Late…but at least it is finally getting noticed once enough people complain about it.

Now this will be looked at I wonder if anyone or ask involved rook reside that the gadgets were not new in purchase? For new this is a step closer to that rainy place. Odd that in the car if PC World it was covered way over ten years ago and still fires on?!

However something else caught my attention in this article…will tell things in fact.

Now bearing in mind that you talking about gadgets here, please remember this…

First to the insurance companies do not cover your gadgets I’d they were taken it off the house?

They are gadgets! The very label suggests that the things are SMALL in which case they areportable!

Secondly it states that the Financial Services Authority state that in half of the claims out in that were rejected that half of these were wrongly rejected!

Simply unbelievable. Why would you even buy gadgets if bit too take them outside the house? Surely that would come under contents insurance? They just do but know what to lie about next?

A prime example of a greedy, or number of, corporations that exist ninety for old rope.

Interested to see where this one goes.

Gadget insurance complaints rise


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