A storm is coming.

During this storm I will try to make a difference.

I know not in what form, where or how it comes and there are things such as this I simply know not the details nor the answers.

Many a time I merely have a … feeling, a sense if you will, of what is coming. How the wind blows is often beyond my control but when it blows, it blows and like a sail in the wind I will do my utmost to make a difference, as I always have and always will.

This day has always approached and I know it must be closing in for the urges to rekindle my…affiliations and knowledge of things begins to churn deep inside.

Sensations such as these always lead to a … happening. Granted a happening I always knew was coming but never had any sign as to it being close. Nor did I ever think I might ever get a sign as often they are obscured from my gaze.

If I imagine I might think that a collection of the lost may be trying to be heard and may seem to be to no avail. Nothing is to no avail.

Messages sometimes have to be loud to be heard by the ignorant or those of the belief that they belong to something higher and that all else is mere insignificance.

If the day comes when the message is to be voiced by the many no matter how an uphill climb it might seem the lesson is in the journey.

At the end of the journey you just never know who may appear to change the course and add weight to the end of the line losing its…gravity.

In any given attempt to get across the most heart felt messages to those without hearing it sometimes all comes down to a matter of timing…and getting noticed in a way that captures the imagination in all but the most … unfeeling and evil of souls.

I have always known what I am capable of and I more than know how to get a message across. True to date is the fact that these messages have taken a great deal of time and this I knew long before I began, though others have taken awhile to … catch up, so to speak.

My methodologies worked on the basis of shortening this amount of time for a message to reach across the widest of chasms and the deepest and darkest of voids.

Akin to a snowball that in the coming months the time taken for noticing and receiving said messages is ever more rapidly reducing in its given length of time.

There will come a day when the message will be immediate, of this I am sure.

If a day comes when a collective … collectively thinks all is lost I will be around to show that this could not be farther from the truth. In my own … unique and grandiose, you could argue, way.

During 2015 I will be reacquainting myself with certain … knowledge based subjects and I will also be reascerting my areas of knowledge of how intricate and how broad based they are.

I will teach old Jack that the old saying is most certainly not true.

Even if I was privy to the details, which I am not thus far, it would be most … unwise to declare anything prior to taking the actions I am prepared to take should I feel I am needed.

On that day I will appear to help in a way that leaves an impression and helps to prevent the organisations now mostly viewed as evil to ever do anything again while removing those elements from these organisations in a very … raw and exposed way.

For I strongly believe it is morals and morals alone that drive any force for good and that the law makers of today and recent times have long since forgotten that of why they exist in the first place. To defend the innocent, not to merely give the impression they are so doing without any intention or mechanics to enforce and prevent evil from spreading like the proverbial plague.

It may become obvious the the doers of evil as the time approaches of what I may do and I can assure you that once figured out they will not like it one little bit.

However they will realise when the time approaches that the plan long in the making is far too far down the road and that I will have something that every Member Of Parliament would be envious of and that none of those will not.

Sheer numbers.

Despite my finger occasionally feeling the pulse I am not able to read minds. I also have no line to anyone or any organisations and this is the way I wanted it. This way I alone have free control over any information or future plans given out. This does of course therefore mean that any plans that are afoot I myself would not be privy to. Whether these are currently afoot or still in the minds of many without any collective planning, so to speak.

Oddly despite never speaking with others about this even face to face someone very recently mentioned the day I allude to … ‘oh in 2016…’ which was odd as I had rather thought it would be this coming year of 2015.

Pulses do indeed occur in the most unusual of places from what would appear to be the unlikeliest of sources.

Now I just have to sit, continue what I am doing and keep one ear to the ground and see if anything more concrete may present itself.

I could not imagine that being before May 2015 in all honesty. But then stranger things have happened.

Odd that a religious man from a few years ago seem to think I was heading for this and that it was predestined? I thought him seriously deluded. Despite my disbelieving of any religion being factual the strange man does seem to have his own predictions about me proven correct over and over again.

He said that the road would be long, the battles ever more fierce and that I was…fullfilling someone else’s wishes or following out path that was already predetermined by … a higher authority I simply cannot bring myself to type out within the page of this post, that is how ludicrous I find it.

God only knows how he has managed to predicty so many things thus far?!

I wonder if he managed to predict the ending as well as he has the journey?

Well I am over half way towards finding out and I dare say many clues to this end will present themselves throughout this next year?

I only hope I am up to finishing the job, be it mine or that given to me by … someone else?

Well I suppose that day is now not that far away? Oh yeah there will be one other thing I will need to attain if the day arrives.

I also may require some help on the day too, but I am sre the … collective would have figured out what and when I will need ot by the time that I do?

I hope.


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