This is a story I have been waiting for sometime to surface.

This is because I’m expecting a large name to come out of this particular enquiry.

Now I have never mentioned this name myself purely because I simply don’t know and not do I possess all the facts. Besides this was done by others so they deserve huge credit for publishing what they did.

The name, if mentioned here, would guarantee to bring me the wrong attention and would easily have me shut down as I could not find a way to defend it. It would undermine everything I have done and have strived for.

The list have all gradually been published except for the biggest names and I can tell you now if you don’t know they are staggering corkers.

Everyone I know, knows the names even those not really IT literate. It’s all over the web but like many things and like my own endeavors are suspiciously missing from the media. Though one name in particular is hardly surprising that’s it missing. Not since some Jack The Ripper theories has there been anything like this. Oddly and disturbingly it also involves the word ‘murder’ which finds itself linked to this.

As far as this high class pedophile ring goes, you don’t cannot get any higher class, you will need to look elsewhere.

I think there was someone with a YouTube documentary or two called The Coleman Experience but I could be wrong, lol I do have memory issues.

I will also state that many of those not IT literate think the name well never come out. I think differently, however.

Three ‘murders’ part of abuse inquiry


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