I thought my ears deceived me in this one.

I am bit going to go on about this one and it will likely be my first ever post.

It emerges that they want, don’t know who ‘they’even are, want to class obesity as a disability?

Now when I say obesity I dint mean those that need winches to get out of bed. Oh, no. Anyone classed as obese!

Now admittedly before I say the next thing it all rather depends on what this change would entail. It’s also crap timing because add those know that visit here enough times the government is deleting the word ‘disability’from the welfare system before it dissolves it altogether. Before very long laws won’t be with a damn thing.

Also the is a major problem with support for people with disabilities and if you have not visited before I have one class aa horrid disability,  Fibromyalgia Syndrome, with Oesophagitis causing heartburn and vomiting too. Added to this in my right knee problem and pain in my groin from an Internal Hernia Repair.

So there is one classed as a disability in its own and a few others that combined and with Fibromyalgia would be classed as a disability. The symptoms that are relevant out if the 120 plus number around two dozen…

But I’m first patronized that I’m not disabled both pre and post diagnosis and then fucked about and lied to in an attempt to make me look like the liar which I know has even happened to countless others. Tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands.

My advice would be funny knock yourselves out over this because you just might not get what you think that you will.

Obesity ‘could be a disability’ – EU http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-30529791


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