I just lost an extremely long post.

I just lost a very key post about me being hit by a large van I forgot all about.

I think you at Google are bloody morons and totally unprofessional!!

Good God, I can’t believe I am now typing that I long for a tablet PC that runs Microsoft?!

Google? How do you manage to take a stable Linux OS and turn out into an unstable mess?! I am genuinely interested… are there courses for this? Are there courses on how to treat the human race like they are a complete bunch of bloody idiots? Are there courses on how to plan and eventually own the World Wide Web?!

Oddly this post was to explain my two temper, bit the one that Doctors tried to say I had when I did not.

I was going to explain how I hit…. do you know I have just wondered whether or not that Google’s Android and Blogger suffrage do not ROYALLY fuck up yet again and dump over a dozen pages of text?!

Umm u do know about text and how is saved? You do bore that professional people do boot want to type something out for over an hour only to have your fecking crap lose it all?!

I just don’t get it… if I was a BBC journalist or Sky News journalist have just typed out a major story they would dump Google’s Android OS and their Blogger software over a god dam incompetent way of handling the very first thing computers handled when they burst onto the scene in the seventies.


Plus the English dictionary!!

Please sell Android and Blogger to someone that knows what they are doing?!

Do you know I also get angry because everyone wants to invent something different because they know the big greedy corporations will give asking and give them a billion for it!

I think in future I will wait to see how it’s going and I need to get my finger firmly on the pulse in future!

That means no more off the shelf magazines and oddly enough I rant about this every now and then and just today I see Android keyboards covered in a magazine? So they obviously think they’re is something wrong with Androids keyboard but won’t say it, or did boot seem to? I might pick out up tomorrow to see? I think it’s Micro Mart and I still have not read last week’s issue!

If you do not know about operating systems you should know that anything from Microsoft is… glitchy now and then and if you don’t follow a list of rules it will simply stop working before long. Fine of this had been taken out of the users hands. For instance one upon a time you were warned never to press the power switch to turn your computer off. Ignore this several times and somewhere between the sixth and twentieth time chances are it won’t start, or boot up.

These days you hit the main power switch and the Windows PC will power down correctly, though I’m still hard wired to click on ‘shut down’.

I’ve avoided Apple Computers for years but they rarely have any issues. But then it’s built upon a Unix system which is similar to Linux. There are loads of Linux variants, all of which are free. Both Linux and Apple’s iOS and Mac OS tend to be rock solid.

However Google’s Android is built upon the core too, or kernel, and it.. plays up. A lot! It also seems to steadily be getting worse.

Good God it’s so bloody annoying! God knows of I will ever retype that post which was typed as a reminder I was hit by a van ten days ago or so and forgot so about it.

I also could have flipped out at the time and seemed a good opportunity to view explain that part about me.

Oh well, cheers Google. I’ve never in all my years used someone’s GUI environment, damn can’t think of the word I want lol, that has gone wrong so many times in such a short space of time as yours has.

I would be embarrassed in all honesty!

iOS, Mac OS, Red Hat, Ubuntu, Amigas, Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows… err early mobile version on XDA, Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Ultimate.

Provided I have not forgotten any yours is the most crash prone of all of them!

Moto Defy
(Gingerbread and previous one was OK)

Moto Atrix
(Err this was error prone but was sold sorry used one without knowing… Like defy had no issues with text, Swype, spelling)

Moto G
(uses Martian version of English Dictionary, can’t hold simple text in memory, can’t spell, changes words to ones not even fecking CLOSE to where you swipe on a keyboard, fecked up perfectly good price software you bought, adds extra letters on words lately and send to like the letter ‘v’ when doing it and did this twice in this paragraph alone, updates, updates, updates that don’t do a fecking thing, don’t correct the things you have fecked up or not faulty (give attempts at duty, faulty… a-ha!!) Updates that do actual cripple or break things though?!) Oops run away from me a bit!

Advent Tegra Note
(As above to the letter and yet both this device and the Moto G have updatedc several … ooh e letter ‘c’ that time?! Where was I? Ooh yeah… for some bizarre reason both these devices have updates several times. Each. Yet curiously Froyo (I remembered name! Yayyy!) and Gingerbread did not update at all? Odd that as it bloody worked!)

Sod it, going over to tablet.


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