This is a very odd report?

I saw this on the BBC news app and there was a report where someone was did to have stated that the NHS would be in dire straits if it were not for migrants?

Now I immediately thought there were referring to people cleaning hospitals if I am totally honest. Regardless I thought it a bizarre statement whatever they were referring to do thought I would take a look?

They were referring to foreign health professionals.

It would matter not which they were referring to I would disagree.

I have just recently proved without any doubt, though really I had many times previously on here, that the DWP and Atos cheat genuine and honest people out of money. It mattered not if they were fit or regiment disabled. It is not rocket science…

I made an application for the new Disability Living Allowance they changed the name of in a corrupt attempt to cheat disabled people out of money.

At the exact same time I applied for A Freedom Of Information request and later a Subject Access Request. My timing was quite deliberate as I knew that they would not send me the NHS documentation because it would contain falsified information. Early in the year I sent them a copy of a document and a link to a post containing a secretly recorded appointment that took place at Guy’s Hospital. This forwarded correspondence arrived at just the right time.

The evidence was sent to them and I knew that they would shite their underwear. Because they had no choice but to respond to the request for personal data regarding the NHS and my health. As much as I wanted that documentation I knew I would never get it.

I would, however, get told the was not any.

I had proof that they had a form from a previous Doctor and that I had a letter from the DWP posted on here telling me I was turned down fir Disability Living Allowance because my GP at the time “filled in the form wrong” which was claimed to be completed lies by the GP, Dr Huq. I knew this already and my entire blog was based on me getting things right. I believe I used a term a fair amount stating there would be no margin for error? This is an example of what I meant. In any event a health professional, or any other professional, filled in the form wrong they would re-send it and this is not only obvious because it’s not the claimants fault but she told me they do.

So to state this was an extremely feeble excuse would be understating the matter by a fair margin.

Now some of the departments would panic once they received my Subject Access Request (SAR) because they knew I not only suspected something but that I wanted to use the data I was after. They also would realise that then not receiving anything would make me suspicious or confirm what I already knew.

The latter of those two reasons is what is now instilling fest into them and I felt pretty confident that the files would… disappear. This is because they very reason I would have loved to get my hands on said files would be extremely damaging in ways that they would never live down and done very serious repercussions would come about.

It would have been extremely naive of me to think I would get them so my plan was devised on the basis that they would never allow me to get my hands on them.

Of course had they checked this entire blog as I warned then they should do they would realise that I can prove very easily that they did have documentation on me. Both ones that a GP sent them I previously mentioned they said was wrong plus emails in my sent folder with attachments I cannot fake.


I repeatedly warn people to read my blog knowing that they will not purely so that I can make them look ever now brain-dead the longer it continues.

The process of them… err processing the things I request I also knew would take longer than it is supposed to. So the stupidly long time of 6 weeks to process a claim would dwarf in comparison to how long I can get them to take with a little fear instilled in them keeping them wondering what I was planning to do. A year was more than even I thought I could keep them dragging their feet. I thought about 6 months at the very outside.

Of course there was one other thing I was being on and that is desire the fact that they always ask for your Doctors details and permission to speak to them that they would not do that. You might wonder as to how I knew they would not and how I knew they had not?  Everything is relative.

I made it clear I knew what was going on and how their devious little plan worked. However I did bit fully explain what I knew. Keeping them guessing.

Knowing that they had not contacted my GP as the claim progressed was a bit obvious because I would have been told that they had. Also I jumped GP Surgeries twice while this was going on so I would have received a letter stating that my GP had informed them I had been kicked off their register but without a proper reason.

No one with half a brain would risk telling any further lies after our initial argument as within a few days of even weeks they would have realised that first off I was exact in my theories and secondly that they had, had every consultation with me recorded.

They already realised that despite an agreement existing with the DWP for their falsified letters and forms containing their signatures evaporating away on an easterly wind they were now losing sleep over the recordings I have. Even if they then scoured my blog it would bit take them long to realize that despite the damaging recordings I have published I have not published more recordings than I have published! They would then spend a very long time and perhaps still are wondering what they have said in any of our meetings that are not true and easily proved they are lying. A fair amount.

What will make them look even more incompetent than I already have is that I explained on here that I am fully intending to pull off some rather impressive feats to make them look incompetent and play them off against one another that missing that makes them look even more incompetent.


This one public service organisation alone sponges off the British taxpayer to nth degree and that…

They are extremely incompetent that treads far, FAR beyond ridiculous.

That the previous figure of 6 weeks for processing was way inefficient but that a whole year was quite simply taking the piss out of the British taxpayer.

That while having absolutely no difficulties helping themselves by dipping their greedy hands into the public purse they have no problems with refusing, read cheating, disabled people financial help and support.

That they are not very good at being corrupt twats. No sorry… they are bad at the former but extremely good at the latter.

As for the statement that I started out with on this post… foreign faith professionals have saved the NHS?  Does that mean then they are more willing to lie to patients as ordered? Tell this to the lady in Liverpool who felt suicidal over a rape case trial who was told by her foreign GP to go home, check up how to commit suicide on the Internet and do it!

There were two things that immediately occurred to me when I saw his name and one is; does he belong to a religion that’s sees women add unimportant? Better she kill herself than bother such an important person like him?

It’s a reasonable question to such a bizarre and evil thing to say to a woman going through a rape trial.

The second thing is that yes he was struck off because she recorded him telling her that so… well she obviously knew that he was going to day something pretty bad because… well she was prepared. So what had occurred previously did this woman to know that he was going you say such evil things to someone obviously suffering so terribly over another act so evil?

Of course there was a third question. I knew that a report such as that would occur and that there will be more but even I could never have envisioned such despicable things from a Doctor. However, what I have said all along and didn’t refused to budge on is that this lying to patients use rife. It’s literally everywhere and I would wager and said so from day one that more lie as ordered than there are honest Doctors. I have had five GP’s in Enfield. Previously I had around 6 or more before living here. Would you like to know how many of turn were completely honest?


And that is still under review. I am pretty sure it will remain that way but I have been wrong before! Well it does happen from time to time you know?! Lol!

So unfortunately the statement about migrants and the NHS is completely false and easily proved. Because when you think about it decent, honest and professional Doctors won’t have anything to do with breaking the hipocratic oaths and more are leaving all the time.

However there are hundred and possibly thousands of people overseas that would love for the Primary Care Trusts to believe that are Doctors so that they can get in the United Kingdom and work as a Doctor for less money than the outgoing ones and quite willing to lie as ordered fir the chance in a lifetime.

Ooh dear, not looking good for that statement now, is it?

The only thing migrant Doctors are good for is to refuse to treat, diagnose, refer and prescribe so that the other fraudsters in the Primary Care Trusts to keep being paid by us to screw us.

Now what I want to know is why is it that the British News media groups seem to completely miss these facts month after month and year after year and never once have approached the Primary Care Trusts with these very awkward while being extremely obvious facts?

Food for thought, dear boy? Or girl?

How about then that they have limpit like properties because in David Cameron’s early days as Prime Minister he said that he would get rid of the Primary Care Trusts and yet with less than a year to go they still remain?

I would also like to ask him why he said that the DWP were wrong in the way they assess people for disabilities and would stop them doing this and then actually made them do it all the more?

Do you know what this says to me?

The government is me small fry and obviously don’t run the country.

They are not strong people and do not come close to Margaret Thatcher for having a set of balls.

They think it’s perfectly OK to blame and make pay the majority of the British public who had no idea what was going wrong with the UK financially, let alone played any part in it…. well other than voting for the same idiots who are obviously beginner controlled by a puppet master either somewhere within the UK or overseas… err say for example across the Atlantic Ocean?! Lol!

When they sit down and in the face of it do they actually and genuinely believe that this is progression fur the human species?

If your off the belief that the welfare state is to blame, should be dissolved and that all your personal issues will evaporate because of these actions I’m afraid this will tell people two things about you…

1 Your an idiot that’s completely crap at basic mathematics and in serious needed of a dime calculator and

2 Your also completely amoral and inhuman

Should an intelligent race from another world wanted to visit do you think that a race of people that ate guilty of the above two points and willing to lie and cheat because that is the way the world is, want to visit someone like this?

If a consortium of races of different worlds were watching our… goings on down here on Earth do you think they would find us interesting and want to converse or do you think they would find us repulsive and not a race to trust add far add they could throw us?

They would probably think the exact same thing I have thought about us for a fairly long time now? The latter!

Luckily for me I knew that I was right about our society, as sad as it is, and thus could use this dishonesty and corrupt nature against themselves. And all because of a simple puzzle my father told me as a child I never forgot.

That and a long desire to do something incredibly and unforgettably noble that first occurred as a child and persisted throughout my life for reasons that escape me.

This is the puzzling side to my nature I have alluded to but kept completely hidden right this blog. Not just to the readers of this site either, so don’t feel alone.

A pack of ravenous journalists could not find this part of the puzzle out for themselves to publish because it simply cannot be found. No one knows. When I say no one, I am saying this because I often state things that are ignored or not as fact quite annoying, I do mean no one. None. Nada. Zilch. Zero. That’s how many know.

There have always been things I have wanted people to know and then there are the things I don’t want then to know. Various reasons exist for these but sometimes it’s because it gives me control over the things wanting to be kept hidden. Because everyone thinks I blurt out everything making secrets very easy to keep. Mainly though it’s normally out of protecting others. If something comes as a surprise then it will come across genuinely so.

This is just a precautionary thing in case things get… a little crazy so to speak at a later date. I won’t have to worry about anyone or anything.

I do think and I do plan that far ahead! Just in case.

After all I am now in a period of finishing up a series of things I started 2.5 years ago when I started this blog.

I don’t like games but I fully understand this might look the complete opposite on here. I did not create the game someone else did. Several others did. I don’t like genes of this sort this is true but I dislike losing in these games even more so.

Losing was never an option. Because losing and doing so in such a public way would result in me looking like a bloody moron instead of the true morons. Never an option! Ever!! At any point!

But, hey? If the morons had bothered researching for just a few hours they would have realised that fighting me would be pointless and in top of that completely self destructive in the long run.

I knew that would not.

As I have now revealed to them it was never about the money and the money was never a part of winning. To think that would be totally and completely missing the point.

But then that was what I desired because that was how I would win, have been winning and will win ultimately when I achieved that I have so doggedly pursued for so long.

My enemies can scream, shout, take me to court if they have the balls and do and say what they want. They cannot and will never be able to prevent me from getting that I so desperately want.

Even in death.

It is this final realization when they have started to pay much closet attention that will have them chewing of their fingernails. Because knowing what I am aiming for cannot even aid them when it comes down to preventing it from happening.

Now that gives me one other thing that terrifies the hell out of them… my overflowing air of confidence that’s completely and utterly unbreakable.

From now on and for an amount of time I cannot even estimate they will be thinking about the invisible finger pointing of blame. They decided to be the idiot jobsworth. They decided to be way over-confident too. Upon realising that the proverbial will hit the fans are they going to then become the proverbial lambs offered up by their bosses or masters despite any protesting that will go on? They are easily offered you as such as they were manipulated into the positions a long time ago now. They reach the point when they realise this is what it is all heading towards and the architects, huh architects again, were obviously never going to hold their hands up to their crimes and feel like idiots that they walked right into this?

I wonder then if they are reading this and could be anywhere in the country and cod week be sniggering to themselves about the tough time I am and will give those I battled with and they are the from me I am not in their jurisdiction or catchment area?

No most likely not but did they stop to consider that I have taught nearly 200,000 people to do what I have done thus far and that I could be teaching 20,000 new people each month? Oooooh, that’s gonna hurt in the morning, son!

Is it 20,000 each month? I don’t know in all honesty but I am now currently working on that! Several months ago it was over 12,000 per month that much I can tell you.

Hmm, I wonder what these figures will turn out to be around the time of the general election in May next year, 2015?

Whatever happens and what the numbers turn it to be when they time comes I have my 6 concurrently running plans rescuing fruit being point around that time. Just one or two of these plans generate enough interest to make these monthly figures leap forward in a big way?

Would you like to hear… sorry, read something rather funny about my current plans? Guaranteed to keep your noodles on a dinner for a very long time? OK…

I am actually using something against them in two of my concurrent plans…

Why that would be this blog!

Good night! Lol.

NHS ‘in trouble’ without migrants


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