Well I did not need to be told this one but I am going to be totally frank here… and you can be Marion? Lol.

I did not expect to see this reported on for awhile yet. Another year at least.

If you have been paying attention, or are new and not delved into my eye opening archives, you will know or discover that I have actually been stating this as regards this BBC report for a long time. Going way back before this blogs inception.

What am I talking about? This BBC report states that another report, good God I’ve turned into Jon Snow, states that the Internet, or I think specifically the World Wide Web had become unfair and one sided and I assure you it’s just the beginning.

Now I can go ahead and mention something I read about with Google having this stupid scheme regarding subscriptions and I can remind you that O stated that their behaviour of late speaks to me as an organisation who are trying to own the Internet. You missed that one? Try using search and not just for this either and you can try all the public services along with Shop Direct (Littlewoods, Very, Isme), PC World, Argos and B&Q among others.

I said from day one I will go after suspicious behaviour, decisions, lies, corruption, fraud and deceit everywhere I get so much as a sniff of it?!

Well unfortunately I dealt with many names both public and private and I not only found it everywhere but that they were often in your face about it. Rather like they knew that there was no comeback. Far too confident in other words. So guess what else I became entangled with? Whatever huge list your now imagining I guarantee it won’t be long enough and some rather big names appear on this list.

Now some might have thought of the old saying about “…not biting the hand that feeds you”?

If you have not I will tell you that this blog host, Blogger, is owned by Google. They purchased this just ad they did YouTube.

As my blogs are on here and I have 1,200 plus videos on YouTube backing up my blogs it’s understandable that this thought would occur.

But I’m all about deceit and corruption no matter who or where I find it.

Oh and I don’t get paid… at all…I think and if I do or indeed am out won’t be from Google! So the statement is not relevant in this instance. Not at the time of writing.

Just like Android Google have been running around buying up smart software and innovation. When this hit over 100 purchased computing magazines stated to report about this and ask what it all means and there it is all going.

I recall one report I read that stated that the number would likely be a couple more than the number they published by the time the reader reads the report. That’s how ridiculous it was getting and the number was closer to 6 more. Several had made the news and for some reason some do not.

I was shocked at it getting to 100 and it’s likely well on the way to doubling that figure? Despite selling Motorola to Lenovo!

Now what is very weird is that many of these things they then didn’t several years improving and then suddenly spent several years ruining. I am using one right now! It was good now it’s utter crap!


Then another thing pops up that gets a lot of attention and no one thinks would get sold and suddenly someone pops up and buys it?! What’s more it was not Google that bought it?! Actually it started out as a Kickstarter project here in the UK, I believe.

It was the virtual reality headset start up called Oculus Rift. Though in all honesty this idea seemed a bit odd to me as surely it’s just two good smart phone screens in a headset with the mathematics and angles to the retinas worked out and an accelerometer in the headset?

What’s more it was bought by Facebook and on all honesty I see this as a panic buy. Google buying everything suddenly getting reported on a great deal just have our the same theories in the heads of other big web names as it did me? They must have asked themselves what was going on?

I find this behaviour to be extremely weird and peculiar and yet I know why they do it and seen it elsewhere…

Premier League football clubs, the richer ones and no doubt it goes on elsewhere. You don’t sell your his players to your rivals, especially when they are leaving a team knowing how they play and the ideas that get spoken about? The big five teams would rather sell there players to overseas clubs than seek them to other Premier League teams. I know Manchester United have done this while actually avoiding this being done to them.

I also am even more confused that term ‘anti competitive’ or ‘monopoly’ being used at all. But became synonymous with Microsoft over Internet Explorer which I thought was plain stupid. Years before even being investigated everyone knew you could get other browsers. Had Microsoft prevented installation of other browsers then yes I would have agreed.

Don’t get me wrong I know what Microsoft is, or was, and have a video of their operating system which you post them for refusing to do things and lying about why. Yep none of these moronic and greedy power mad board members have watched either Terminator, I, Robot or RoboCop?!

That’s the trouble with prior at the top. They actually do genuinely believe they make the world go round and would collapse without them?!

The truth is the have hindered progression in every way and will do exactly that which story tellers and directors have been predicting for three decades and they will fuck up again just at they did with the economic crisis! Make no mistake. The reaction from them will be the same as it had always been…’fire could we have know that will happen?’ and one again they won’t pay for it, their victims will.

I think that there must be things afoot and instead of thinking this would hit the fan in 2016 or 2017 I now am thinking that next year is now more likely.

When, oh when will it cease to be the same old, same old?

Do none see or accept that those times of old have been a changing? Sorry Dylan.

Net is ‘less free and more unequal’ http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-30432487


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