Staggering. Truly staggering.

America has had a series of problems, or did I say attitudes, that have caused itself more harm than the terrorists.

Let’s get these in the mindset here and now for the sake of this post…

1 It thinks it is the greatest

(Great for a sporting spectacle like boxing, if your naive, not good for foreign policies. Especially if you’ve been secretly running said country especially if you do so like crap, out of sheer greed and you get found out)

2 It thinks the rest of the world is stupid

(Not great when most of your post war technology and achievements were due to people from other countries)

3 It is unable to detect the smell of bullshit, it’s own or it thinks no one else can smell its bullshit including its own people

(Do you actually think the sentences through in your head or text them by saying them out loud to someone before you commit? )

For several days now the had been talk of a troubling report coming out that will cause outage and they expect a backlash.

As I managed to catch ABC News I have now realised that this is to do with torturing prisoners in the wake of the attack on the world trade centre.

First off I have never liked this idea for a number of reasons but by before I explain them I will add that anyone that is and not just because the yanks love pointing fingers at everyone just like it points guns at allies and pulls the trigger, I have no compassion at all four those murderous religious fruitcakes. Quite the opposite in fact because those animals seem to think they can haves the excuse of doing whatever the fucking hell they want because they find everything else offensive. Idiot groups in the UK, probably doing their thing because they feel threatened and… err terrified of these murderous arseholes.

I would have no problems putting bullets to the heads of people like that. Make absolutely no mistake here. They are not idiots or children, or do they claim, so I am not going to pander and by sympathetic to their erroneous rants about everything they do bit like in the world.

Like some journalists stated in the news one night there are hipocrits as they rant and scream about the west and their own culture but everything they want and everything they use? Yup of western origin so along with everything else that are hipocrits and Peru incompetent about it too. Smart phones, computers, trainers (sorry sneakers) and Coke and Energy Drinks are craved among other things. So they do not like us but like what we do, what we create as well as the money,  buildings and safety we have in our countries?

So they have been getting tortured and in pretty bad ways even for me to try and stomach.

First off not one person has the age old question and it was that of the punishment of death back in medievil times, a bit like the times they live in still, when someone would behead you and him being your executioner but not your judge.

That axeman is a murderer. Technically. Yes, that age old question. Long since answered too.

Yet today we grant, err they grant, permission far more horrific acts that simply beheading. As I finished typing that sentence I then looked it over and not quite believing that I have stated that permission used given that would have anyone in medievil England whince and heave.

How do idiots like Senator John McCain, it’s always the Republicans, cine out staring that this is OK? Because it was done to them? They harp on about God in every single speech they ever give but so quickly forget his book when it comes you things like this. Hipocrits, see?

I then ask myself several things upon hearing what they do behind closed doors…

1 How many Americans are allowed to do this?

2 What attitudes and what sort of people, sorry Monsters are they creating that then lurk about among the American people with none of them being any the wiser?

3 Keeping the second point in mind what does a long term permission to do unbelievable things to other human beings, even if they are not exactly human at times, do to those with these permissions.

4 America does have a extremely long history of producing the worst kinds of serial killers after all?

It gets worse because the CIA have reacted in anger, oooh see, stating that the other produced is wrong stating that no information of any use was ever extracted. Also they ended up torturing people who wanted to be informants but can’t help thinking they were left hoping to misinform? They prove themselves on the whole to be untrustworthy over and over again.

I have never seen nor heard any Muslim speaking in the media that sounded sincere to me.

They also only ever come out and make plenty of noise when it’s something being done to Muslims and yet when is the other way around you don’t see, hear or read of their doing a damn thing.

It is reminiscent of that Nazi like master race attitude for me. What’s done against them is completely unacceptable because they are the master race, or religion. But turn this around and we are mere animals not worthy of the air we breathe. But they like what we create though.

In all the years this terrorism business had been going on I never see it reported that this Muslim group,  Imman, community have just provided details to a terror group or cell and saved hundreds of not thousands of lives? Year in and yet out.

Hey, but then again I found a little splinter like cell that was linked to bigger ones in both Manchester and Birmingham they later raided but did not award me any credit instead claiming their snooping was responsible? Lying twats! Well other than calling me took tell me I was a genus and to ask some questions when I disappeared of the radar twenty minutes at from ground zero in Liverpool.

Yeah, like I was going you waltz about the gaff with a high body flag letting everyone know my route?! Oh ye officesuite little faith, like I was going to make that easy?

Done with stocking their noses where it don’t belong at home they stated doing it here in the UK and I don’t know why. It might be simply just greed or power tripping? Maybe it’s because back home the amoral methods of making larger sums of money, like health services, are being dealt with as they always should have done with the Obamacare? Maybe it’s another reason or three? Who knows?

Strutting about with these attitudes and two faced nature while showing the ability to be completely inhuman is not a good signal going out globally.

You built yourself a completely wrong system? Deal with it. Sorry it out and stop expecting the rest of the world to but into your bullshit and then throwing your toys out of your own when your not believed or paid any attention to.

Now to see if there will be any backlash?


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