I am not really going to say much at this point.

A DWP letter about my PIPS application arrived this morning. It has the decision I expected but I did not expect it until after Christmas but then they have likely realised or I let slip that I have been deliberately allowing them to drag their feet and the panicked?

Except they did not know that this was indeed a trick because I have only just had confirmed that they possess no NHS documentation when I can prove that they did. So just like I tricked them into binning it or losing it then? Well, yes.

Is it not hilariously funny that those that think themselves the grandmasters of corruption, deceit and dishonesty are being pistol whipped and run around the houses by someone who does not lie?

This in itself was an extremely major part of what I do and how I would win. A very major part.

I wanted to end up showing on here that the truth can emerge victorious over deceitful people and no matter how big, famous, rich or poerful the deceitful people are.

I simply use the truth in ways that get results. No deceit neccassary.

It is this that I would be most proud of once I achieved and if I can succesfully show people that deceit is not a mandatory requirement of doing things then the world of politics within the United Kingdom would slowly drown underts its own drivel and verbal diarrhea.

Now here is a letter I am going to send to the DWP and their Personal Independent Payments department and I am assuming here that none of the other departments bothered to tell them things like …

My Blog

My Endeavours

My ongoing spat with the other departments

My spat with the NHS

Now if I was lucky they would just issue a refusal thinking that I am some average idiot that would just assume that they had written to my GP and they stated no based on what he or she said? Whoops!

Yes I was pressing for trhis decision as it was always going to be a refusal anyway as I have said from day one of this blog 2.5 years ago. They mave have removed safety nets for the poor, disabled and ever more of the working classes but they wrongly assumed that they themselves had plenty of safety nets.

PIPS 051214


NOW MY REPLY THEY WONT READ FOR AROUND A WEEK, MAYBE TWO… through laziness of course, lol…

5th December 2014

Dear Sirs


Thank you for your letter dated the 6th December 2014 despite the fact that I applied for this 54 weeks ago or more. You…sad…lot…of…losers! Lol!

First up your organisation has had a sustained attack from me for the last 7 years on a number of different levels on a number of different departments. My documentation goes back further… a LOT further! I shall break this down into bullet points as every department within the DWP has serious issues understanding English. But then I gambled on this being the case…

  • My Documentation on a lot of different people goes back 20 years including yours

  • Yours, however, is non existent and I will get to that later and how stupid you were to refuse me

  • Yes I would like to appeal against your decision!

I have two letters here from other departments within the DWP that were tasked, by me, to handle a Freedom Of Information request and a Subject Access Request. Now I am going to tell you very briefly what happened in a phone conversation with someone within the DWP a couple of months back that had no idea that I had a current year long PIPS application, constant barrage of lies from Atos for five years and several refusals of DLA I was quite deliberately collecting over time…

  • A woman handling my Subject Access Request whereby I demanded all documentation regarding my health be sent to me told me she had checked every department and there was none?!


  • I then asked how it could be that along with a couple of dozen letters I have from Atos proving them to be liars about my case that I have had 4 applications for DLA turned down if the DWP did not possess a single document?!

  • “ERR…I DON’T KNOW!” was the confused response!

  • Oh and I would like top appeal against your decision.

Umm, how did you reach your refusal decision this time around?! STOP!!! Just don’t and make sure you read the entirety of this correspondence.

Here are a few things that I KNOW that you do not. Now pay close attention now when I say that I can prove this without challenge whatsoever as I can all that I claim on here…

  • I have Fibromyalgia and bad FIBROFOG and a buggered right knee and my oesophagus may have just gotten a great deal worse or even dangerous as just a few days ago I was hit by a large vehicle…oh dear!

  • I had some emergency response guy at my house then and to go to hospital under orders as they now thought I had either stomach or colon cancer and had a barrage of well over a dozen tests over 8 hours

  • I know have to have ten different blood tests as they suspect many others, Coeliac Disaeasebeing just one

  • The symptoms of the condition are ones that I have repeatedly told the DWP about over several years…

  • As are the symptoms of my right knee which I have a recording of Dr Kirkham at Guy’s Hospital spots it without even being asked and performs a test whereby I scream in pain

  • OOOH DEAR!!! (Oh thats not really a point…no, wait?!)

Now I made the remark that you have no documentation? Did you catch that part?! No? Oh dear…

  • While this, PIPS, application was going on I had been putting the DWP in such an exposed position and placed them under such pressure that I knew they would bin (read LOSE) my files and I also know why

  • A court case from angry GPs would not go down well…but LOTS of angry GP’s…you do keep abreast of the latest news bulletins I take it? Are you familiar with the word ‘EXODUS’?

  • I have been repeatedly ignored despite my repeated requests and I now have a recording of theDWP telling me over the phone that … THERE ARE NO NHS DOCUMENTS ON ME

  • However and as I explained to the lady who rang me “Oh but you do!! Because I not only have evidence that you did but that they would testify to this fact” she is a GP

  • I have a letter here from yourselves, oh no not PIPS, that states that one time I was refused because my GP filled in the form wrong?! I am not going to tell you the rage the GP I referred to in the previous went into. But I will tell you that she told me what I already knew


Yours is not the only public service organisation I have gone after and in reality…your mere small fry.

I wanted for a very long time to expose the truth I knew went on and I wanted to get these facts to as many of the British public as I could. I am not only currently well on my way to achieving this I am well over half way in doing so.

I started this a very…VERY long time ago.

I have comments from many of my 200,000 plus visitors and guessing that figure as last I looked months ago I was at 150,000 and this was rising my over 10,000 per month. That 10,000 per month also rises each month.

I am afraid to say that I am about to add a whole new dimension to my endeavours which will attract and reach a whole new group of people that do not fit into the categories of the others.

Oh dear!

You might want to pay close attention to the following points…

  • I have well over 100GB of DATA and growing and I gave up estimating the size many moons ago

  • As early as January 2013 I was asked by a one Michael Meacher MP if he could use …elements of my data to attack Iain-Duncan Smith MP in the House Of Common

  • Several months ago I was contacted by Which? Magazine who now have a couple of petitions going and focusing on all public services and now the NHS in a separate campaign

  • Nothing I do is illegal and I have been training up tens of thousands of people which likely goes up by tens of thousand per month and next year...WELL, you have an imagination

  • Out of the many, many thanks for what I have done and what I do which I do at my own expense and without profit many eyebrows where raised lately when one came on and commented that he could not thank me enough as he and his family had gone through a terrible time and felt treated like criminals by the system. But they now know that it is the NHS in particular and now all public services are lying. He was a VICAR!!

  • At least one GP was struck off in Liverpool was struck off using my methods and tricks and believe me when I say I do not need to keep tabs on who is stealing what from my BLOG for their own personal gain

  • The public have free access to my data to use if they think or know it would help them if they are suffering at the hands of a fraudulent, do not even think of trying to contact me to state your not, public service

  • I perform a public service the likes of which have never been seen before and I have the biggest of the plans and plots to finish up yet, so much so that I have been called a modern day Robin Hood.

  • As for your little friends at Atos and ICE? Do not even get me started on them and what I have on them as I have to keep this short. All documentation and recordings are freely available on the blog and backed up in ways that would make an IT professional blush!

So YEAH, of course I am going to appeal your decision…everything is more data and I never say no to more data. In fact I simply rely on it and have done from the beginning. Think about it…

Had you done as you should have done I would not even have been able to start the blog in the first place, let alone collecting around 40GB for it before I have started and kept it going for 2.5 years now, would I?!

So God damn stupid it is staggering and you have not even been told the most obvious and therefore most embarrassing aspects yet. By the way…the excuse you did have has now evaporated away to nothing.

Yes I APPEAL against your refusal and to RECAP…

  • You did this with NO NHS documentation

  • You failed to write to the three Doctors I have had in the last 18 months at three different GP surgeries?! (You really all should pay close attention to my blog and I warned you about this…ALL THAT WILL BE IS ON YOU)

  • I can do things in such a way I can keep tabs on what you do without even having to ask you

  • Atos sent me assessment times for very early in the morning at YOUR REQUEST because you knew that Fibromyalgia is down to a damaged nervous system and sleep disturbance. Holloway Road, EARLY!

  • Atos then made another appointment claiming to have not made the first one and set the location for ILFORD, ESSEX, EARLY?!?!

  • They then claimed to know about Fibromyalgia and denied my claims they only have a third of them Doctors and denied making the first appointment

  • Their ‘claim’ to be experts on fibromyalgia is so easily disproved purely on the times they arranged for the three appointments…ooooooh sorry SIX APPOINTMENTS!

  • Once again I requested a HOME VISIT and claimed that I had asked them for one of these three times previously they then denied doing. I then told them they were both completely fecking stupid and are incompetent even at lying and told them I had the letters of apology for not turning up 3 times and each time was a lie based on various PHYSICAL objects within the grounds of my home that can NEVER be proved and EASILY disproved.

  • I am going to give you THREE GUESSES what is on my blog! I will give you a clue…it contains a video in its 1,200 strong list of videos. There are many others!

  • The last and third appointment time and location for me living in Enfield was for 9AM in Lambeth, South London!

Are we there yet?!

What I relied on was that to con the public these…lowlifes that get paid to screw those that pay them would have to employ some pretty seriously half-witted jobs-worths that they could easily keep in the dark and that would never have the intelligence to realise what was going on?!

I also relied on the fact that these morons who order the jobs-worths to do crap that the real villains would easily escape from leaving the jobs-worths to take the blame…sorry I mean fall while they are long gone.

A fine example of this would be the Baby P case I featured quite heavily on as I have done of late on that cancer child called Ashrya.

Oh yes and should you require evidence I shall now provide it but before I do…



The web adress listed above is hosted by none other than Google and as they are not well liked at the moment, as the British public have and are realising that incompetent politicians and Tony Blair sold the public services off to the YANKS to run. Yes like that was not bloody obvious.

Oh and I think I forgot to mention that I not only would like to appeal against what is a wrong decision but I would also like to put in a SUBJECT ACCESS REQUEST to you for all documentation you possess on me as regards the NHS documentation you would…ooooh what am I like, I mean SHOULD have requested from my current and last Doctor.

IF you would be so kind.

Oh and when I ask for ‘ALL NHS DOCUMENTATION HELD ON ME’ please remember that this…good bloody God I cannot believe I am having to type this…really is self explanatory. It did not refer to what is held from this department or that department as it is really in the sentence what I mean. All is equal to ALL!! You blithering bloody idiots.

By the time you read these words this letter and your letter refusing me would have been on my blog several days, I even use your own tight arsed attitude towards postal services against yourselves too. Now if you do not mind I have the urge for some candy and I have just spied a baby!

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely

Martin Haswell BSc



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