For some time now many, if not quite all, people I know have been following a particular story both in the news and on the internet.

Now what I want to point out right here and right now is that I have unortunately suspected that the foul play that I have both first suspected then realised is true and then acquired proof on is also going in the mainstream media. I have many theories as to how and why this is but is somethig for a later date.

To see if my suspicions are true I sent a great deal of data off to a selected few tv news media groups, well there are only a few are there not? I also sent them off to a long list of tabloids, not quite all but all the ones most would deem imprtant…the national ones that is. The Scottish Daily Record is not involved though I did contact then about this blog and it did feature on some of their pages for a bit. maybe it still does? I just do not know.

I rather go with the idea that I possess all the necassary data that shows the truth and along with my predictions of what I suspect and then later prove and it is down to others to put this forward.

Whatever reasons exist that they do not is down to them to explain…I have heard them all from various sources; too busy normally means too lazy nd cannot be bothered, total silence means guilty and likely will use elements of it for own personal gain and not believing is either too lazy once again or completely dunce if they fail to realise what is here is the truth. There really are no ifs and no buts I am afraid and things are what they are and will turn out to show themselves for what they are.

I do not pander nor play up to no one.

What I do is for the benefit of those of high morals and of a honest living and life style. It also explains to those that do not fir this remit exactly why they live their lives the way that they do, if indeed they actually care a jot that they do that is.

Now as I stated my own suspicions cater for just about everyone and everything so that my 99% of everything has in this instance had to be changed to 99.99%! Lol!

Now there is one of the worst stories ever imagineable that has been breaking the news on a semi regular basis for the last couple of years, if that. I myself have been repeatedly stunned and still am from time to time. I have also read about links that are just so obvious you simply cannot dismiss them uness your completely both naive and brain-dead. Even more worrying is the fact that it could well be that many do not care because of who these people are?! Or worse still that the reports…err reported have had some prior agreements and or arrangement between all involved to make it look to us the general public as if they have been going through the proper motions when the sad and worrying truth is that they have not.

Now if I was to say for example that there is a list of…potential culprits that would have made your head spin and a couple of names on this list still to be named that would make your head spin far more so than those that had previously been linked to this…morbid and depraved group of people and their actions. far, far more shocking. On this list is someone that I myself have been indirectly linked to and previously very much liked but…now I have gotten over the shock of seeing their name atop the list of depraved celebrities and now I only cringe badly when I see them or hear them on some media or other. Then there was one that made me cringe a great deal and then a gap and then another that nade me cringe a great deal.

Now if I was someone within this list knowing that there was a hit squad out there of three working their way through this list of unbelievable names I might realise that sooner or later it will get around, or they will, to me? It is completely unbelievable that it was thought by this person and their…group may have thought that being implicated withi the media in someway may have been ludicrous.

It is entirely true that if mentioned on here readers would first think that it could not possibly be true and then those that once accepted think that a name of this stature would never be reported upon and having a short list of reasons as to why. The exact same things were in my mind for a time too.

But today is a very different world to what it was a decade or two ago and it is changing rather rapidly I they will not like to learn. Those that think that a revelation of this kind is not possible is simply kidding themselves and even I had to be taught this all over again when I realised that this person was widely mentioned on the Internet. I do mean widely mentioned too!

Now if I was realsing that this was the case I would start to get a little nervous and my first thought would be to the mainstream media and the two biggest names there are in this field and this of course involves the TV News media. Now if I were to realise this I would then think it is just a matter of time before the TV News Media were to start their own investigations so what would I do to try and deter or indeed delay this?

Why I would probably show up, or arrange to show up at the studios of the two biggest and be really nice and go on a tour and speak to all the people who work behind the scenes. Perhaps the awe in which they find themselves may stop them from ever entertaining the notion that such a crime could be perpetrated by such a highy esteemed name?

A little worrying then that this has now actually happened and I cannot help but ask myself whether or not those with the suspicions or indeed the evidence have already come to their own conclusions?


Maybe even coming to them the first time that they performed this action? In fact I am saying that this has happened twice but I could be wrong here, it could have happened several times. Not all because they have a very bloody long list of names to go through for all formats of news media because the TV list is, and proving to be, unfairly short and the news tabloids a damn sight longer.

Imagine the list of news groups on the Internet?!

Now go global!

Now if there was anyone out there, nationally or internationally, that did not like this particular name or those that they are linked to or associated with I for one would be a little bit worried. Especially if they was to sit down with a notepad and pen and compile a list of global enemies?

Yes sirree I would be very worried indeed for it will only be a matter of time before something is first stumbled upon and then the…evidence sought after like a pack of ravenous wolves and ultimately the details published.

Now would it not be both funny and eyebrow raising if this was reported just about everywhere else in the world except the UK?

Hmm now there in itself is yet another simple thought that could snowball into something far bigger if not kept abreast of…oh who am I kidding? Not me as I stated all along that the world is a very different place and that you simply cannot keep a lid o these things forever.

The fact that I have attracted the numbers in the hundreds of thousands and not even been at this three years yet just goes to show that people do think or even just feel that something is just not quite right in the world, or just in the UK.

My philosophy is that once you have provided the masses with enough pieces they will eventually see the pictures for themselves.

Now I wonder if anyone out there whos is extremely guilty and who peruse these pages would like to hazard a guess as to how long this takes?

I hope it does not take too long as I am not sure how many more cringing moments I can handle?! LOL! Watching people who are famous going all jelly like because someone of …higher …something walks into the studio and speaking like utter idiots because of who they are speaking to is realy gut wrenchingly vomit inducing in a way that beats the two fingers approach. Ewww!


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