No sooner have I posted about this subject and I get this one in my inbox folder! I was just having a conversation the other day with someone and I stated that the stupid part about landlords is that when everyone else is suffereing they put their rents up purely because they are able to, not because they have to. Unfortunately the problem here is that landlords often think that they have a right to do this because they worked to bnuy these properties.

The sad reality is they fail to reliase that work is work, regardless of what is involved. Sure you have to be highly educated and highly skilled to do some jobs but even here I have seen evidence of possessers of certain….degrees as thinking themselves as having some higher right to more cash than those possessing other degrees.

But you do not need a degree to be lucky and to earn money renting properties. None at all. This a sad fact. Now what these landlords should be thinking is that they should theink themselves lucky to own even a single property when there are decent people out there never been able to own their own. Also those that have lost their own properties they had mortgages on because they foolishly went about their lives foolishly thinking that the governments, both Labour and now Conservatives, both knew what they were doing?! Err, NO!

Yes I feel sorry for them as at the end of the day there was no reasonable way that they could have been expected to know what would happen. Very few did! I know I did and I do not know of anyone else outside of one I read about in the media that knew it was coming and so the vast majority did not.

Here then is an example of someone who works but is having difficulty because they want to triple the rents?! Rather bizarrely the area mentioned is Hoxton and as a young boy I spent a great deal of time in a hospital there called St. Leonard’s Hospital. My grandmother lived in Whiston Road too which is an extension of, for all intents and purposes, of Nutall Street, which I think is the name of the road where St. Leonard’s Hospital is? I very much doubt I would recognise this area today as so many have been forced out while the cuckoos moved in. I have some family that do not live far from there but it is far too far to visit, get to on public transport or cycle to and not much reason to do this either.

So below is a link and a campaign regarding the nurse and the rents I mentioned…


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