Well now, I am surprised.

I thought I was going to have to wait five years for this particular subject to come out and I did not expect quite a large number of I am honest, despite the ‘other’ number ‘they’ previously gave out?

I am speaking of the secret services and terrorist cells and their plans of course.

Now a little while back and long since over was period when I crossed… paths, albeit indirectly, with some radicals that had some very suspicious behaviors, money, movements, statements and other altogether weird goings on.

They were also running things from homes to cars and businesses paid for by the British taxpayer while selling drugs and fake cigarettes and no doubt many other things besides. At 250 miles at with just four phones and a laptop there was only do much I could get. I could also only do this for so long too.

Now for that have both delved back into my archives by using the search function I can tell you that no less than four DVD disks crammed full of researching, reports and recordings were sent to MI5 and GCHQ. Not the police, no. Not until much later and I told then this particular aspect was not their jurisdiction.

At a point later on I received a phone call from them thanking me for my efforts, asking me questions about the… suspects. This was the first and only call, or indeed correspondence are all, I had from them Abbas would you believe that I was only a couple of miles at from that distant address when they called me? Yeah right! In other words I had traveled up there but at the very last minute changes my… destination on the coach and therefore my route, booked ONLINE. Uh-huh, Jeff asking me questions, eh?

Those that delved back or have been reading this blog for that one would also know that as well as the few in Liverpool one of them was traveling to both Manchester and Birmingham while leaving house phone behind. I also knew they had filmed John Moore’s University in Liverpool, not far from where they lived. I also told there’s secret services that with London 2012 being only a year away this was far too tempting an opportunity for them. However due to some trickery in their part, one had my daughter’s mobile number on O2 switched to his sim-card, but did they feel fecking stupid, we ended up having several… umm odd conversations. Due to this they found out that I had known all along who and what they were.

Now due to this I suggested to the secret services that my precious thought to their target may change from being the Olympic Park in Stratford, London and that as they knew I lived in Enfield they may want to concentrate on the White Water Rapids Centre in Waltham Abbey?

I never had any acknowledgement for this before or after but it was over a year after the Olympics a local and old man who knew a security guard told me that some guys were arrested with a dinghy full of explosives. A very old friend of mine is a long term resident of Waltham Abbey and his parents were too had not heard of this incident. Being over a year later I thought the man maybe just full of it or some kind of conspiracy theorist but then a few weeks later my friends wife found an article about it on a website she used for local news. So it seemed something had occurred? The story did seem unlikely to be when I first told my friend and he explained that the River Lea was cordoned off and no boats were allowed on the river within like a two mile distance of the centre. Hence why a dinghy was used.

A whole year and a half had passed since bumping into the senior citizen with the story to tell that was more key than he realised and I have never been contacted other than that one time.

You can imagine that I got a great deal of piss taking from those with deflated egos and the most naive that think movies are make believe until you tell then what you have done and suddenly they think the reality is like a James Bond movie and therefore I could not have possibly done the things I did.

Lol, it might be interesting to know that I had not even made a big deal out of it…will other than the piss taking against all involved for taking it for granted that I would be easy out-thought and easily outgunned.

I was called “a genius” by both the secret services and the Detective Constables I came until contact with. I’m not ‘bigging it up’ a term since might use and why I used speech parenthesis. Thought I would point that out just in case there is a return to the lard arsed previous….

You get the idea.

Any hoo, today I heard a report that stated that since the bus bombings of 7/7 it now emerges that they claim to have solved 40 terror attacks. A strange figure and a lot less than the number of cells they previously claimed is out there in the UK?!

What with my own investigations covering three areas, so could be three cells and they could be linked to more, and suddenly 40 does not sound like a great deal. Considering that my own data could have lead to anywhere in the region of two minimum and god knows how many maximum then yes, 40 seems small. Then remember that they claimed a couple of years back that there think there are 300 cells in existence in the UK they are following up on?!

Might be why I was never acknowledged in any way?

However what the number ’40’ will do is make the naysayers realise that there were a great deal of groups, or cells, caught and suddenly my own endeavors do not seem quite so ludicrous.

No thanks to the secret services of course!

Would be extremely interesting if location details and correct names ever get published?! Lol.

So I thought that down the line a few years this would emerge but had come far earlier than I expected.

‘Time is right’ for new terror powers


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