Close to my heart and my head this one.

I don’t believe that homes should be down to a lottery or luck.

Now homes for British people dropped down to another lottery league on regarding whether you had a job or not. Like the homes lottery this is down to things other than that which it should be.

Whether or not your a ‘yes man’, not more brain dead than your interviewer, ability to flow commands no matter how questionable or immortal and ability to lie convincingly in your interview.

This had been that way for the longest time and I have never agreed with this and knew it would come to no good.

So strange then that a series of adverts sponsored by Barclays Bank teach you how to not be stupid and put on a false persona.

You could be forgiven for laughing like a drain if you had caught yourself watching done science fiction episode or film, like Star Trek, where the setting of the future has one where everyone is a lot more honest than they are today and work well together. Of course those posting closer attention would have noticed that there is no monetary wealth as such and this is not the primary pursuit of humans. Well not those in Starfleet. Lol.

Yanking anyone now dreaming of Eutopia with a quite understandable feeling of euphoria back into present day and dies it not then raise an eyebrow that presently we seem to go out of our way not to do this?!

I am looking into gathering some media at the present time that will rock the proverbials for some time to come. Call it a classic example of that which I have referred to here and have done several times lately.

For now though here is someone, or several people, campaigning to get new homes built. This will be prevented, I have other doubt, by a consortium of landlords because they property makes then richer each month and to stupid to realise that if the economy hits the breaks once again a vast majority of them simply won’t have anyone out there to afford the rents charged.

They say they needed 40,000 signatures and are a little short by couple of hundred. I don’t think 40,000 is a lot at all and there won’t take notice of this small number in my opinion. Add a zero and your likely to get noticed add they don’t like to think everyone thinks badly of them. They slay have an idea of that what with the UKIP results of late and are showing their nerves.

So here in is a link and let us try and get these campaigners noticed by showing what moral fibres we possess and giving them a voice that is equal to a Banshee’s scream?


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