Hmm despite forgetting about this one initially I was waiting a long time for more of third particular revelation to come out.

This is the problem with the damn memory lapses I have. Well one of them. I do worry about whether the Fibrofog gets progressively worse or just reaches a level?

In all honesty I can understand the anger and frustration expressed by those with conditions that deteriorate the memory. I already get very frustrated… I was going to say ‘at times’ but it’s really a daily basis. Well several times each day is not unusual. It instills me with terror the thought that my memory will get a great deal worse. Whenever you get about Fibrofog the levels it can get to are never mentioned. But I know that, or at least Dr Kirkham stated at Guy’s Hospital, Fibromyalgia sufferers cab get to the stage where they can barely move! As yet I don’t know the mechanics begins this but quite possibly no one does. Some might continue progressing quite others halt early on.

Mine does not seem like halting but at least it progresses very slowly. That reminds me that when I started this blog I did not know what my addiction was but I did state that…

My symptoms have increased in number, frequency and intensity for around ten years.

I stated that I use to think I would be wheelchair bound in my sixties. Then I thought this might be mid fifties. I then started to think it might be by fifty?

Now I know what it is I am only marginally more enlightened than If previously.

One of the things that could have helped me at times would have been a loan from my bank I was certain I could pay back. As opposed to getting one I knew I could and then getting shafted by a complete twat I left an OK job for and then hampered by worsening symptoms. My bank is RBS.

Not the link below is regards a story about banks deliberately closing businesses down?! I did see a documentary about this but was a while back. I expected a great deal more to come out but until now heard nothing. I did not know my bank would be the one to be named?!

Barclays Bank? Hell, yeah!

I remember the journalist covering the documentary was with a man who stood on the edge of his own property and not allowed to set foot on the land because the bank had taken it back! He felt he was manipulated by the bank so they could get their hands on his property?! Charming!

If I remember correctly I think the business had been in the family, or the land had been, for a few generations? He had a few lorries they much I remember but the bank for these as well!

I recall hearing that this seemed to be becoming a fashion as more and more were coming forward to say they had been hoodwinked. I remember thinking that the banks were obviously idiots and not very good at that they deal with day in and day out and that is simple maths. If all the banks are grabbing businesses and property up and down the country which is heading for a recession there won’t be anyone left to sell the properties and businesses too!

Oh unless they just thought they would sell them off to foreign investors that is?

Many a soul sold in modern times and without regret because they are without compassion.

They can do what they want and ask the powerful and rich need to do is say sorry and that makes it all OK. Apparently.

Still here the subject finally pops back up into my radar and I am very interested to see what occurs with this one.

RBS sorry for ‘incorrect’ evidence


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