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I heard this story just this morning and despite expecting something like this happening, as I explained one of my GPs already quit over this. In fact I tried to warn the differing two GPs who took no notice, one of which said “what do I want to know what for?” which was one of the times the naive moron said this love to me.

I bet Dr Gubbay feels like a right pratt now?

Yes so it was announced in the news that there is an exodus going on as General Practitioners are quitting the NHS. I always am blunt and to the point and state plenty of predictions that come to pass. I never cease to be amazed, however.

There are two things abut this report I picked up in immediately and these are…

1 If true this now cannot stop and will snowball, unless the government stop showing themselves to be the brain dead, naive and completely unrealistic moronic boys club in the history of the human race that they are.

2 Those with a conscience will be the ones that quit first! I can think of three local General Practitioners that won’t quit anytime soon, lol leaving those behind the most self-centred, amoral and oath ignorant Doctors you can find.

You would think that at Eton they would teach the very notion of what it is to be historical both good and bad? Oh dear where do they find their teachers?

You would also think that these very simple questions would occur to the mainstream news media? Apparently not! How long will this take I wonder? I have just heard the news of this exodus for the first time. I have now posted about it.

How long before these two things and others I have missed occur to the news media?

Or will this be yet another thing buried for an age only to be forced out due to widespread knowledge to attempt to hide the fact they seemingly buried the story?

There’s no new like old news? The TV and Radio news media, likely national tabloids too, have certainly made old news a fashionable thing in recent years. Or would it be more accurate to state they are fashionably late and constantly so?

Add to the reasons why this is so will that weighs be too to others to decide. They all have a truly terrible use and understanding of computers and digital communication, despite giving the exact opposite impression within the media.

That evidence is of course on here and likely to be found in the first six months in the archives of this blog. There is no getting around the different lengths I went to, to highlight not just one or two but over a dozen stories. There simply is no excuse.

OK yes there is only one excuse…

They did not want to appear like amateurs next to what I did and secretly went off and researched their own stories asking similar lines to make them appear to be their own?

Unfortunately for them I notice things like this a great deal without even consciously thinking about it. I also do not go out of my way to look for things like this, so there may be more than even I have realised?

The little things that occur to me even right now is that how many other things are in the pipeline and how nearby more reports are going to mirror, mimic or don’t sounds similar to things I have posted about on here? Or not even just here because this is not my only blog.

There are around 2,500 posts in here, Blogger Corruption, give or take a hundred or so. So a fair old chunk of posts with a fair old portion having my own discoveries contained within. I am also still at this all the time and every now and then add more. This has slowed down but will pick up in the coming months and whether up or down over the next year it matters not. A mountain of claims, reports, data and evidence is gradually being added to.

You could argue that the blog itself had become the last in a series of traps? Well I was both posting my own news and discoveries while also posting about those in the media in other news organisations and asking questions within mine that huge news organisations somehow did bit think of? All their staff, money, researchers and resources and yet manage to report extremely late and abysmally so while but asking the right questions. Oh dear.

This blog might only have a year’s life left in it but the ripples from it will become larger and more numerous for a few years afterwards.

This report is about GP’s quitting after all, right? I pointed this factor out a long time ago and it happened long before I started this blog too!  To remind readers this blog is two and a half years old and I’m on my third GP since that previous GP quit in such dramatic fashion. The following GP I was with about a year, give or take a month or two, before the booted me off under false allegations. The next one I was with about 7 or 8 months before they booted me off over false allegations. Allegations that the former had with madness then violence and the latter breaking the law. All laughably untrue and easily proved though they never thought of this. My current GP I have been with over 6 months I am sure? We meet once a month which will end once I have seen him regarding my recent illness and hospital visit, likely because I will need another internal exploratory investigation, endoscopy, and this had occurred at least 6 times been there longer than this, I think? Lol.

Put simply that GP quit maybe 3 years ago now? Probably no more than 4? Yet the news report about GP’s quitting over the NHS only comes out now?! I certainly don’t think my GP was the first, lol?!

So yes fashionably late, lol.


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