Vauxhall, Renault and Nissan. The van mafioso?!

They all designed a van that had a very major design fault that we’d unbelievably stupid. A rubber seal on all three vans caused wetter to collect around the fuel injection housing that then allowed water in and the injectors would then rust into the cylinder heads?!

Umm… so three design faults then? A seal that collected water and then like an irrigation system feed it into a housing without drainage for water (what the feck?) despite it being keen to the elements and motorway driving and then the heads of the fuel injectors who also did not have a seal protecting them from the elements? What the feck?!?! Lol. Seems like skill the rubber was in all the wrong places?

What caught my attention is that Vauxhall, who I loved years ago, replied by saying that there was no problem reported and were not responsible for the problem and damaged engine?!

Vauxhall, sorry but a class of ten year olds could have longed at that engine and told you about the design fault. Why would you make a metal block in such a eddy that they could collect? Hmm now let us see here…metal, water and air with a few other thrown in of an acidic nature? Yeeaah not a good mix on any occasion especially where water is being thrown about by tyres!

Forget about the rubber seal channeling the water into it or the lack of a rubber housing on the heads on the injectors, no this is care engine design doing dos 101 right there! This alone would have given these vans a reputation at over 50 thousands miles make no mistake.

Over the years there are plenty of duds get designed so much so that Pixar made then a feature on the animation and sequel to their Cars hit, Cars 2. Cannot remember what they called them, lemons or something like that? One I always remember in the UK was the SDI Rover 2600. Even after years of hearing people telling is to avoid them a neighbor bought one years ago and lii and behold it was in the mechanics more than it was outside his house. He accused me of putting a on him, lol.

I’ll be honest in thinking that I had wrongly believed for many years that design mistakes like this were a thing of the past?! Err I mean… well aren’t they shook signed by computers today? Have they not been design this way for a couple of decades?

What someone forgot to add water to the design process for a moving object that spends its entire life outside? In BRITAIN? Lol.

I have to admit to once again showing a bit of surprise and then getting asked with myself because it’s not like I have not seen this before, seen repeatedly before, planned and then recorded using audio and video before with a ton of paperwork before… now.

The sad thing is I’ve been among this crap long enough to know that I even though that at the end of the day no mate who you bought a van or car from you would be treated the same. That’s the truth and why I still buy items from the stores, though not all like Littlewoods and Very Catalogues which now reminds me I need to do a post on Mylene Klass lol, I know are selling refurbished and second hand items as new ones. Like PC world and Argos and is annoying because with no real alternatives, other than Maplin, you cannot shun them and they’re punish them for their underhanded nature.

I also just had a thought too…follow me with this? I wonder if any of these retailers doing underhanded things that if no one had noticed their under handed and disgustingly dishonest nature would they have give to their respective governments asking for hand outs of the taxes of the very people they have been ripping off for years?!

Hmm I wonder if that’s actually been the case?

Could you imagine that? Could you imagine the controversy if a company or organisation that was a big and long standing household name that had received handouts from the people and their taxes had already been rolling then off for years?

Bailing companies out in this way is wrong because if they faded away another company would come along learning that you simply cannot go sudden the sane path as you get found out.

Today the governments teach that if your corrupt and amoral as the devil himself its OK because they are too and they will give you money that’s not theirs too gives to bail you out.

This leads to the same thing happening again and to a greater scale too. A bunch on greedy adults are basically behaving like spoiled children in so many places and in so many ways it is not true. The very bottom of thinking ‘ooh I got away with that, maybe I can get away with this?’ is childish and child like. So yeah your behaving like children and despite the shenanigans being hundreds of thousands of times greater than that of children it still is ‘of children’.

Said but very true.

Funny how money seems to do that, allow people to revert to being children but with the toys and tools of adults and with tens of thousands, of thousands and even millions standing in line and blindsided by being blindfolded with lies to take the flak if it goes wrong.

‘Yes, if you get caught the punishment will be EXTREMELY SEVERE…for your neighbour if your wealthy! We have warned you!’

Yeeeahhh that’s not going to be productive at all and in fact once the feeling of escaping jail, err literally, had passed they move onto bigger and better things! Umm I think the neighbour should start making notes of suppliers of Prosthetics limbs?! Lol.

Back you the subject in question and here you have not one, not two but three companies that are all household names in all the countries of the company’s in question; Peugeot of France, Vauxhall once of Britain then Germany and now America and Nissan of Japan. All manufacture the exact same van. Making the lying by Vauxhall look as incompetent as it does dishonest. Not good.

Oh wait? Vauxhall is owned by General Motors these days I think? Did they not get bail outs from the American government? Oh dear.

It is a very fine and again unfortunately example of what I’ve been trying to emphasize for so very long.

Hmm on a last note that reminds me that I had a surprising email I noticed this morning… or during last night as I never slept at all. The email was from YouTube and I just assumed it would be a comment but it was from Google telling me that just one of my 1,100 plus videos had hit 10,000 views, that’s VIEWS not HITS?! I was stunned and I thought this was a video I had only just uploaded of me showing the Department of Work and Pensions and British movement at their must dishonest with the parcel I just received?! No, it was from an old video, well a year ago, of me fixing, using that loosely here lol, a friend’s daughter’s phone!

Now this just goes to show that a video, audio recording or post can be sitting online for a few days to 6 months to a year or even two and then surprises you with a sudden interest in it? That was one post, let’s call it that for now because in essence that’s what they all are here…. posts.

On one blog, on corruption wink-wink, there are over 2,300 posts and I had anywhere between half a dozen and double that each week,  thigh sometimes it can drop lower. My YouTube account has  1,100 plus posts. That’s over 3,400 posts and despite them being much smaller numbers, very much smaller with some but I’ve baht neglected them, I have a dozen other blogs.

Now when I think of that email regarding one single solitary post of me solving an issue with someone’s smartphone, that I filmed as it might help others, is mind boggling. One video? I wonder if over the next 12 months, the maths and the laws of averages in particular would back this up, that I get more and more emails like this? Oddly one of the blogs, on corruption, had been heading to a milestone for awhile now and it had been awhile and will take awhile because the milestone is ten times that of one video. Or a hundred thousand visitors… well according to Google’s often figures and I am skeptical at best on those figures.

Also the mathematics become more interesting as because as time goes on the number of posts gets ever larger. What were numbered in The tens of thousands just several months ago will number in the hundreds of thousands several months from now, if not already add I just don’t keep track like I used to. Well I did say that the YouTube email came as a surprise! The last time I looked my entire YouTube viewers numbered 18,000 in total. That video also certainly did not gain much attention in its first few months.

However, what I did tell a friend who laughed like a drain as I explained the possibility is that someone came on who was first rude and also showed himself up to be completely brain dead in an attempt to make me look like that and used food language if I remember correctly? I was…not kind in my response. I can do that and still remain within the rules and guidelines. Lol. I did something in a sarcastic tone that I did not upload a video that could help dozens or hundreds of people just to please him because I wasted 5 minutes of his time?

Suffice to say there was no comeback. But then on the occasions those happens there never is. Ripping into someone with a big mouth not attached you their grey matter will result in it being very clear that if your going to do battle with me and regardless of form you had better do your homework first! Argos and PC World had their own over confident and arrogant twats find this out the hard way and I dare dry they were extremely relieved that this was over the phone and not face to face?

So I told my friend who has a link to the phone I fixed that maybe this was being looked up? I said maybe there is some bonkers fan group scouring the Internet for evidence of me ripping crap out of someone? Would have to be a very big group and all postings were I ripped crap out of someone would have to hit the she figures too.

I said it was none of the above and obviously a very major problem with that particular LG phone. Not my phone and never had an LG phone. Mind you I am completely fed up with crap smartphones for several reasons but if I got another phone I have you confess to liking both the LG G2 and the new G3. Only them not being water-proof, doubt you dare leave comments saying there are I need a landline, prevents them from being perfect in my eyes in every way.

Still, nice to know I was of help to plenty of people with this video. Now I just need half a dozen posts on here and a post or two from my other blogs and the ship will be at full sail.

Not to mention the warm glow I would feel from being able to help and influence so many people. 🙂


One thought on “THE WARMEST OF GLOWS

  1. I have a 2004 Renault Trafic which four mechanics have banned from their premises (I would hasten to add that all say I am welcome back!). It seems that, whilst the van behaves without fault around town, motorways cause ‘limp mode’ to set in. Switch off and on again, and you can travel a few more miles, and so on ……… can anyone point me in the right direction as I run a small business and NEED the van. I cannot afford to replace it.

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