The speed of the revelations is simply stating at times and this moment is no exception.

A brave woman who works for FIFA has described in detail the corruption that had been going on in FIFA and explained she is worried about her own safety.

I must say that she shows some excessive levels of morality which I was already beginning you think before I read that she was a single mother with one autistic child and one disabled?! The poor woman and there is someone who deserves a medal!

The lady in question has been offered protection by the FBI and it turns out she made claims previously but later retracted the claims after receiving threats! I completely failed somehow to see, hear or read of this. Quite how I do not know but this does lead me onto the journalists involved…. and believe me when I state that a lot of journalists are involved and are the aim of what I will say next. Including a few others.

Are they all fecking idiots?!

This woman made these claims a few years back but because she d retracted them everyone leaves it alone?

I am sorry but no one in their right state of mind would actually come out and make accusations that involve a rich Arab country and… Russia?! Seriously?

I think Putin is an idiot and jumped up pip-squeak that thinks he is He-Man and wants to be the Master Of The Universe! Lol.

This was the old way of thinking and he obviously wants a return to those times, feck knows why he is going to drag his country and the Russian people through all that?! The only people he will have behind him of the Russian public are those craving the old ways too, obsessed with power and of the others the most naive.

Especially as he seems to be flexing his muscles to look hard but it’s not you in those submarines, ships and planes going around floating around territory that is not yours in an attempt to make other leaders look weak.

You’re an idiot.

No matter how much an idiot I think he is you would have to be a bigger idiot, no a far bigger idiot to make up stories about both Russia and Qatar and their World Cup bid! Making it up and then detracting it is even worse as it makes you look like someone looking for fame but in the worst possible way that would highly likely put your life at risk.

This is a very rare example of someone with high moral standards being in a very powerful organisation where they are torn between being truthful and honest or just going with these corrupt people.

The levels of greed that are on display are astounding which might only be equalled by the depths they might you to for revenge?

Yes I always find this a little stupid when people that commit some of the first crimes want revenge for being imprisoned for breaking the law or being greedy despite not actually starving to death anytime soon.

This story only just followed another I saw where the mafia were being filmed in some kind of indoctrination process?

I simply could not believe that the mafia were still in existence, that they allowed themselves to be filmed and recorded and that with that level of naivety that… erm will going full circle, cannot believe they still exist?! Lol.

I have remarked about books before when it comes to humor but I think now that two books should be provided to all these idiots for Christmas. One on gadgets explaining what they’re used to be,  what there is now and what comes next and when. The other one should be purely on The Internet which showed in detail how the world is linked together and there is nothing you can do to prevent this now. Well, lmao, not without setting off dozens of civil wars across the globe in one fell swoop?! Lol. I do mean that literally too. No it’s not a figure of speech not is it metaphorical.

Just shows that technology did and now current is again progressing at a pace that some simply cannot keep up with. They probably did not foresee skill these things combining to become such a headache.

For example…

A digital camera can now take a photograph of beer to distant thin things and microphones record things at great distances that can be uploaded to the Internet immediately from the device that tens of thousands have downloaded to their phones and all sent links out to to ten friends each all within ten minutes of a crime or indiscretion being made.

This will only get worse and more and more smart alecs are learning to do these things all the time all over the world.

For governments, super rich and famous to think that they could ever do anything to slow this down or stop it shows extreme levels of naivety and desperation. The poetic justice is that this all raced ahead because of the cash they were making.

It shows a sharp divide between the old, outdated and draconian ways of doing things and how first off they don’t work with the technological future we have and secondly how the more they fight it the more exposed they become.

This is exactly how it has been of late and this will only get worse over the next two to three years.

Oh would I not like to be one of these naive idiots.

At least if I ever have money that meant not worrying about the dreaded stuff anymore I would have acquired it by legal and moral means. More importantly by honourable means. Hmm yes honourable means?

Yes I suppose it could be another puzzle to think about for the readers but another ‘facet’of all this is to try and make my intentions clear along with my morals. I think three years of blogging and paperwork going back over a decade nails this home?

So it has been shown throughout the existence of this blog that I have a unique… and extensive skill-set. I am not even entirely sure that this has all been revealed on here? But it has all mostly been revealed on the Internet. I do have other blogs and a YouTube account and almost all have been shown. It is likely that some have only been mentioned and not shown but it matters not.

My endeavors should have impressed a great many but and though I have covered this before must reemphasise that my…resources are severely limited and then some. I am always striving to acquire….tools and gadgets all the time and even now, yes. The are several things I am currently tying to do and I need the tools to do them. I am working on a few things right now that involve audio and video that will,  when completed, or the Police to shame in such a way they will never get over. Added to this I will expose their greatest lie and this is a big one that will have them being screamed at from hundreds of thousands of angry members of the public for the next decade.

If I can achieve what I want to.

I often think what I could achieve with a set of the tools and gadgets I want and with the right resources and much greater mobility?

Mirroring this is the fact that this blog reads like one giant resumé?

The possibilities that could arise in the foreseeable future is beyond the confines of the atmosphere… literally at times too?

Targeting and acquiring for the greater good is my philosophy. The greater good would be to assure a better future where people and technology are not deliberately hindered to make piles more cash than they otherwise would do.

It’s not too much to ask?

More importantly it’s not too much to achieve.

Fifa whistleblower in safety fear


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