It is a tiring thought at all the ideas that I put into practise that I know will take time and effort but have trouble doing…enough.

I feel like I have been at mt blogs for half a lifetime and wonder to the day things will all fall into place?

It does not help that I have had an extrememly unproductive year and to give an idea of this my YouTube videos should number over 2,000 by now but hardly krept up from the 1,100 or so from one year ago. Considering my one YouTube account acts primarily as a back up for a dozen blogs on a dozen subjects, that…is…terrible! Lol.

I should have been in a very good position by now but due to one thing and another this has not quite reached the heady heights I wanted it to.

Now I have to admit that yes it still could have done. The factors that meddled with things could have been batted away with a simple swipe of the hand. But this would require….how do I put tthis? Help.

During 2015 this very notion of help…or really more correctly support, will become more prevalant and it is hard to explain why right now.

Much of things that I have said seem cryptic throughout the life of this blog and they were quite deliberately so. It might seem very long winded to many but this simply could not have been helped not just because of the size of the enemies I went up against but because of the people I have tried to convey all this too.

People to me seem to have a very difficult time comprehending proof put before them. Why? I simply do not know. If I did my life would have been so much simpler than it is and has been. If everything was easy and straightforawrd I would never, EVER have to have started this blog. By that I meant I simply only had to go to the news media and the job was done. I suspected, however, that they were corrupt also based purely on their respective owners so I could not rely on that.

They did as I feared they would do, nothing…nothing at all not even a letter to say I was a raving lunatic, lol. Hmm or an email as I contacted each and every one of the big names in both formats. It was merely a test to see what was what with the news media and I am afraid each and every one failed. The odd thing is I only ever had one conversation with what I had, prior to the blog of course, and that was with Max Clifford’s secretary!

So yeah you could say that the corruption was spread wider than even I thought it had and people thought I was mad, lol. No just smart, able to see things others do not and…I like to think…a visionary. True that the jury is till out on this last one. Until 2015 I would wager?

I, rather annoyingly, do not work. Or to be more accuarate I do not have a job. As I said this is most annoying. I thought that working on this for so long it would feel like I had a job, was doing something, was contributing to society (you see that?!) and helping others. It does feel half the time like I am helping others. It does not, however, feel like a job. But then I am not entirely sure what a job is and whether its somethintg that suits me. I think a career would be more apt a term in this instance.

My point is, is that I have wanted to do something for sometime and I simply cannot find anything hat fits in with everything I have going on. I mean the health, the other rubbish and … other things besides. A career is not the only thing that I cannot fit into this web of crap I call my life and many others are plainly obvious as you delved further into my older posts.

I thought now that the winter has arrived I would be planning out my next big thing knowing it was a full gone conclusion but as yet I am not. I have to hope that I have a good Spring and Summer 2015 and next year the nest things will be falling into place?

Of course next year means nearing 3.5 years and this opens up a whole new can of worms and then some. Three and a half years that all this has been made available along with anything else I have acquired in the next year. Hmm I could go after a follow up investigation to my knee? Oh, listen to me ‘a follow up’? I forgot, they left that diagnosis out of the letter from Guy’s Hospital and I have still YET to listen to the all important part of that recording?! Hmm hold up there a minute?!

Right a little work in progress here but I have am finally listening to the damned tape! Takes me soo long to get around to things …

Currently having trouble pinpointing the yelling out due to knee but found that at…

38 minutes and 14 seconds that he mentions I have the knee problem.

Its annoying the quality could be better in places but I could hardly stop and say “Ooh just a minute while I just fiddle with the audio recorder I am secretly recording you with?

The intention was to get a letter to the GP that was different to what was said on the day. If no one had realised this, sorry I did think it was obvious and sorry if it was not.

OK I think I was looking in the wrong half of the recording, it is…errr over 55 minutes long and I did think it was in the last 10 or 20 minutes? It appears not! Looking like it will be about 20 minutes in, if that and I know this because I have just been asked to get undressed at 15 minutes in. He leaves the room at this point and towards 16 minutes I am having a chat with the trainee. That starts of clearer and then dulls a little but you can still hear what is being said. In fact with the right equpiment you can here everything I think. My audio gear is pretty good, but could be a lot better and I am playing it on two old Acoustic Energy Aego speakers which are diminutive in size but produce a good quality sound.

I talk about the book Figuring Out Fibromyalgia by Ginevra Liptan around 19 minutes into the recording and am still waiting to hear me yell out in pain. I should be hearing the words, please stiffen your legs?

God, how can the loudest sound be so bloody hard to find?! LMAO!

Thirty minutes in and it must be coming up?! I am, being asked to do things with me legs I remember and I was on the hospital bed laying down. Maybe I did not yell out as loud as I remember? Lol!

Found it!!

Bloody hell at long last, now let me just double check the time to exactly when in the recording?

At 31 minutes 26 seconds he asks me to stiffen my leg.

The yell is at 31 minutes and 31 seconds, he states I have a knee cap problem at 31 minutes 45 seconds.

In there somewhere he also does the same thing to my left knee and I am very wary about doing the same thing and getting the same amount of pain. However to me surprise it does not hurt at all?!

The same could not be said for the right knee though and it bloody well hurt like hell.

And NOW for those that did not want to download and listen through 56 minutes of boring banter here is, and finally though I promised months ago the edited portion of that I speak of above.

So to add to the Fibromyalgia the dozen pains I experience the other 100 annoying irritations from it, the vomiting and heartburn from the Hiatus Hernia and Oesophagitis that now needs investigating once again is the second spot of an NHS Doctor of my right knee problem.

Remember the first was Dr Saksena at Chase Farm Hospital and I then ended up with a rather rude, thinking himself scary while still suffereing from delusions of grandeur, Dr Tai and the cancelled MRI for the right knee because they said I did not turn up, a LIE, and then when referred to Barnet Hospital they ignored it and WRONGLY looked at my feet, wrongly x-rayed me as if I was an idiot and then WRONGLY diagnosed it and disagreed with me on something that is well documented…

Here is the ‘You have a knee problem!’ I still cannot hear what he says and think now he never mentioned it so …

Now I do seem to be asble to find the test that he did which seems to be the same except it states nothing about pain in the test, no matter how many times I find and read about it.

Lachman test is the name it appears to be called but it states nothing about pain but does state that the Doctor will place his hand on your lower thigh just above your knee. Sometimes it states that the knee is bent and I could be wrong but I am pretty sure my leg was straight when this was done?


The pivot-shift testanterior drawer test and Lachman test are used during the clinical examination of suspected ACL injury. The Lachman test is recognized by most authorities as the most reliable and sensitive test, and usually superior to the anterior drawer test.[13] The ACL can also be visualized using a magnetic resonance imaging scan (MRI scan).

An ACL tear can present with a popping sound heard after impact, swelling after a couple of hours, severe pain when bending the knee, and buckling or locking of the knee during movement.

Though clinical examination in experienced hands can be accurate, the diagnosis is usually confirmed by MRI, which has greatly lessened the need for diagnostic arthroscopy and which has a higher accuracy than clinical examination. It may also permit visualization of other structures which may have been co-incidentally involved, such as a meniscus, or collateral ligament, or posterolateral corner of the knee joint.


The term for non-surgical treatment for ACL rupture is “conservative management”, and it often includes physical therapy and using a knee brace. Instability associated with ACL deficiency increases the risk of other knee injuries such as a torn meniscus, so sports with cutting and twisting motions are problematic and surgery is often recommended in those circumstances.




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