Would you believe I typed out this entire post once already and yet Google’s Blogger App and Google’s Android which are only handling text on this occasion have fecked up yet again only this time taking all text with it and not just the TAGS!

I wonder if the former Android boss who recently left Google did so out of either embarrassment or discovered Google’s true nature? Lol.


Tired and have to now type this out again and still have at least two posts to knock out, cheers Google you blithering idiots!

Now lately it almost seems like barely a week goes by without some revelation or other comes to light showing that a public service or other had betrayed the public they are meant to serve?

Well imagine my shock when I glimpse at my BBC News App after running it and without barely scrolling are all I see not one but two revelations to post about while spying a possible third?!

Oddly they are ones we thought we knew the full extents of previously but now we are told that in this first one it is several times worse than previously thought! This includes my old friends, the NHS in the following post. This post includes the three security agencies MI5, MI6 and GCHQ and the shocking revelation that they have listened in on lawyers.

This is something that should have been spotted earlier and yes by me too. Listening in on all calls and storing the recorded information means what it says. Everyone. All Lawyers. So then who else in this industry? Barristers? Judges? What other industries? Does this mean to say that these agencies can do what they want and effectively run the country because of the threat they hold everything on everyone and may even be able to… fake it? Even now this revelation, to me, is saying ‘if you come after use think seriously about everything you ever did… digitally?!’

What happens now? A secret deal behind the scenes with the legal industry won’t wash. No action by the legal industry will not work either for undermining the entire nation’s trust in solicitors, which had never been that great at any rate.

My minds running wild with the possible scenarios.

I also cannot help but wonder if this is one of those things that had been knocking about on the Internet a long time but always looked upon by those that have read about it is an unlikely and crazy claim until now?

Kind of like the factual information and back up data to this very blog?

This has the potential to really turn things on its head. I will likely be thinking about this one for a few weeks and coming up with my predictions and other possible outcomes?

I am also eager to see what will be revealed from all this? I have had plenty to say about these industries myself. Will I about to get a list of my claims and predictions getting confirmation from the Horse’s mouth? From the entire herd?

Next post up is the fact that we knew not the extent of the United Kingdom’s must disgusting, shocking and depraved revelations for a very long time. It is just one of them. The second one today and I do not know if there are any further ones to add tonight?

UK agencies ‘spied on lawyers’


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