Oooh well will you look at this?!

I have just gone into my gmail account using my desktop computer and yet again I have another email that did not go through to my phone?! Hmm.

I do not know whether it was the PHSO last time this happened but it is them this time around?!

Now it is extremely hilarious while being extremely shocking as well as extremely iritating at the same time.

In fact what I have decided to do is once again contact Which? Magazine and provide them with the emails. Its madness! It is so obvious that they are just avoiding doing anything providing the lamest of excuses possible time and time again that I cannot fathom why my mobile phone is not constantly ringing from all thge journalists and tabloids over this?!

Oooh, yeahhhhh, riiiiiight!

Anyway its got such a BS excuse its not true. They got my letter but did not understand it?! What suddenly I am a non english speaking person?! How utterly insulting!

They have not receieved a formal complaint?! I just told them that tests are being falsified to do with fatal conditions?! What the feck?! Do they want it by carrier Pigeon?!

They have written to me, umm come to think of it why did they write to me….anyway they have not and reading this email, probably way late too is the very first I have heard of this!

Umm I post everything! Dopes anyone see a letter on here and me ripping the crap out of it and its contents?! Especially the bit how I am unable to type in English and how they managed to miss what the main complaint was about while completely missing once again, as the PHSO have done once again the other dozen or so complaints IO keep telling them they fail to mention time after time?!

YOIY!! Oops I should not have put that excalamation noise I just uttered here, aftyer all its not an English word and may render the rest of this post completely ineligible?!

Do you think they would understand ineligible if they come on here and read this?!


Dear Sirs

Here is an email and its reply to the PHSO to do with a very serious NHS complaint falsifying test results. I contacted you previously so I presume you know all about me and my blog? If not I have 100GB of data on corruption ion almosty all public services…

I noted your campaigns and would like you to know before you read the emails below that despite contacting the PHSO a dozen times they still do not know my name! Also I am afraid its all BS and they told mer previously that I had to go through the Surgery Practise Management first to which I said why would I complain to aq bunch of liars? I already did this. Then they stated that I had to complain to NHS England and then they would investigate my complaint. I said the same thing I did about conmtacting the surgery but did what they wanted just the same.

What none of them knew is that I had been secretly recording them for several years and keeping quite about the fact. After I went through the NHS England BS I then contacted the PHSO once again to which I was then told, sometimes sarcastically, that I had to contact the Trust at the Royal Free Hospital before they could take uyp my complaint?!

Well I did and now they state that I am no good with my own native language and that I did not formally complain and stated that they wrote to me, err they did not and it would be on my blog if they had!

Emails below, well only two of them, knock yourselves out!

Yours sincerely

Martin Haswell BSc

Dear Sir (what over aq dozen emails and he does not know my name yet?!)

(I am sending a copy of this off to Which? Magazine)


Our reference: EN-176317 (please quote in any future correspondence)


Thank you for your email of 1 October 2014.


I have contacted the Trust to find out the status of your complaint about the ultrasound scan.  They told me that they have not received a formal complaint from you about this matter.  They further told me that they received a letter from you in August 2014 which you sent to the Royal Free Hospital but the content of your letter was not clear.  I understand that they asked you for further details of your concerns but have no record of receiving a response from you.


In view of this, in order to pursue your complaint further, you should first send further details of your complaint about the ultrasound scan to the Trust so that they can consider and respond to the issues you raise.  Once you have their final response, and if you remain unhappy, you can then return to us with your concerns. As I advised in my email of 1 August 2014, if you need any help with making a complaint to the Trust, you can send your letter of complaint to me and I will forward it to the Trust on your behalf.


If you have any questions about this email, please contact me.


Yours faithfully




Jonathan White

Customer Services Officer
Office of the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman

Telephone: 0345 015 4033


Dear Johnathan White

Jesus Christ, this is getting beyond ridiculous!

Then again I do not know why I am so suprised because I have know for the longest time what goes on and I have noted that my endeavours have finally hitting the headlines soon because a rather big publisher has noticed things.

I do not know if you are aware and I am not stating any names here. But one of the biggest household names there are got in contact with me regarding things going on. I then gave them my blog and this was several months ago now. I recently had another email from them and they are somewhat enraged by a certain state of affairs in this country and have decided to act against it. I am afraid the one they chose from my blog includes you!

Yeah well sorry about that but I gave everyone ample chances to do something about it and they did exactly I I expected them to, a bit like what has happened here. Except for your email!

You see what I am shocked about is not that it has fallen over yet again, its that you have emailed me and used someone elses inactions to excuse your own but I am afraid they do not!

I shall explain in simpler ways so that you may understand. BULLSHIT that my letter was not clear because it was. They are supposed to be professional and intelligent people so how is it that 200,000 people on my blog know what I am speaking about? Secondly, and my readers and that big publishing name are going to lobe this bit, I have not, I repeat ‘NOT’, been contacted by the Royal Free Hospital at all!

I have not submitted a, wait let me check once again how you described it, oh yes a ‘formal complaint’?! Well I do not know how many times I have written off about this as well as emailed but its in the dozens and that household name will be extremely interested to know how many times I have contacted various organisations about an extremely serious issue that they are paid by the taxpayer to deal with who are quite obvious shifting their arses in there seats and feeling quite uncomfortable trying NOT to take any action while praying that an excuse comes along that will let them off the hook?!

I am afraid that ship sailed a long time ago and its now high time you actually pulled your thumbs out of your proverbials and actually did something?!

To think that the media likes to have a pop at the jobless, poor and disabled for being scroungers when hundreds os salaries are being paid out to people that do nothing at all?! It is both utterly disgusting and sums up the complete shite hole that Britain has become.

I strongly urge, Johnathan White, that you do something and do it soon. My blog was always designed to do a great deal of damage but I knew I had to keep on gathering facts and evidence until my numbers tipped over the million mark with tens of thousands a month visiting…

Yeah well at a underestimate I would wager its now at 200,000 and rising at 15,000 to 20,000 a month. Next year is going to become PRETTY UNCOMFORTABLE for a great deal of people!

Do not say I did not warn you!

Martin Haswell BSc


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