I spotted this BBC report tonight regarding Angela Merkel’s latest turn around on Britain staying in the EU.

I always knew there was something I did not like about the EU and its rush into the single currency? I could never quite put my finger on it. Until now.

Apparently we are being treated like a bunch of children, well the government could well have behaved like that but how do we know other governments have not?

I have stated before I have long had reservations about the EU on both sides of the fence. Like why do they control so much of what we do that include some pretty pathetic rules. Also there is the fact that they never show any care for the public living within a country, in this occasion it is the British public. I find that troubling as well as the fact that this government, also the last one, had treated the jobless, poor and disabled the way they have and where are they? Nowhere! That’s where. So after this goes on for so many years I cannot help but ask myself since questions?

1 Was the EU purely all about money?

2 Was the EU purely all about power? Best of all and the one I could not put my finger on until now…

3 How can we expect governments of ‘other‘ nations to give a shit about us when our own governments treat us so badly?

I am currently unable to relax and get to sleep as I find myself back in Bombay, metaphorically speaking. I simply cannot believe it in all honesty. But it’s going to compounds many other things I have to do and need to do in a big way. Not good, not good at all.

Back to Britain being in Europe and yes I was worried that it our government may use being out of the EU as a means to tighten the screws every tighter?!

But it seems to me there is no other choice as all the government’s do is do this for themselves?

If I am able to I must visit a chemist tomorrow!

Merkel ‘would accept UK exit from EU’ http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-29874392


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