No sooner had I posted about the NHS and drugs company prices and I get another campaign regarding treatment of someone by the NHS.

Now the list time I was asked to sign a petition it regarding a death caused by the treatment, or lack thereof, of their local NHS.

The person who started that campaign, on this same site used by big names like Which Magazine, was then bullied by the NHS and their solicitors into taking it down.

If that is not a bona-fide prime example that as well as the NHS the entire legal system and the way they are managed by The Law Society needs to be dismantled prev by piece. Anyone found to have been… creative… personally for personal gain, well the banks did it, should be imprisoned for a long time. Personal gain incudes protecting someone else. Who week likely be powerful, famous or rich or indeed any combination of the above.

This bullying was performed despite the fact that it s not illegal, nor immoral, and yet the legal system today seems to me that 90% of it protects the guilty, fraudulent and wealthy. Yes you better believe I said that.

The lady who started the campaign I refer to, and covered in here both pre and post it’s closure, did indeed above she was closing the campaign.

How do I know most of the legal system is as bad as all that? Because I worked in it, dealt with 200 solicitors and watched the government erode away the legal rights to the poor until the was nothing left at all. Of course I am speaking of Legal Aid here. But nothing done about it not was it challenged based on the fact that it totally removed people’s legal rights. No one did a thing.

A previous Doctor said to me “Yes they are getting ask that money and giving it to the wrong people!” That says said about 6.5 years ago or before the recession started.

Labour already walked through the door labeled ‘Inhumane Only” with Tony Blair. David Cameron simply walked to the far side of the room and got ahold of the handle to the door labeled’ Evil Doers Only”.


Below is a webpage that features a campaign against the NHS over a woman, called Alice, with cancer who they are refusing to fund cancer treatment of.

Yup you read that correctly it says ‘refusing to find treatment’.



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