Well some things…sorry , people…sorry , morons will continue to drive institutions into the ground before they will release their iron like grip on their positions of fleecing the British taxpayer for unearned salaries.

The NHS Trusts are silk sitting their paying chicken thinking that the government week just cave in and give them mountains me of the money?!

It’s become a theme of the Conservative Government we find ourselves with. They state that something is going to go but they remain. One is Atos and the other are the NHS Primary Care Trusts. I never thought of it before but what a joke it is to use the words ‘Primary Care’ in their title? What a joke! Huh, and then the word ‘trust’,  lol.

The only other things I remember the Conservative Party promising was getting our economy growing again and promising the Citizen’s Advice Bureau that they will change this attitude within the DWP of bit accepting me than one ailment with someone applying for Disability Living Allowance. This was covered at the time by the BBC.

So the three big names of the latter sorry of…

Citizen’s Advice Bureau
Department of Work and Pensions
David Cameron

So what has happened since that later sorry broke for years ago? Zero, nada, nothing, zilch.

So what have any of these names either said or done about this side then? As above!

I cannot help but ask myself how many times this happens? How many serious this get mentioned by the big names and then nothing is done?!

This for me is totally unacceptable along with inexcusable and I will never, ever complain about members of the public and their actions during any demonstrations regarding the government or the public services ever.

Purely because their must simply be a humongous number of people now feverishly frustrated and angry about things like I have described here. Maybe even themselves or someone close to them getting hurt or, heaven forbid, worse?!

Because that is how I am about what happened to those close to me as well as myself. It is the driving force behind this blog and the reason I am intend on dismantling the world’s and playgrounds of this evil centre of British Society and turning the tables on them. This is the only way that they and those waiting to fill their shoes week ever get the message to stop or gave the ultimate consequences.

Faced with death by Tiger or Army Ants I will take the Tiger any day of the week. It will be quicker and less painful trust me.

The moral of the story is think about the numbers. Consider the length of time suffering and the possible levels of anger.

You can say what you like about me but even a year from now the British public operating together in any numbers will be a far worse fate than I! They will also get the support of every single Brit that had ever deserted these shores in frustration.

If things have not changed between now and when the day comes then I hope that I could job forces with those intent on justice and change and be at the forefront of the protesting! I never really mention much about protesting but I do think of it. I do imagine myself there if it gets that far but I hope it does not. To stop this inevitable fate then actions need to be taken as they are set out in my head, where they stay, lol. Some things are not for me to tell,  they are for others to figure out what to do before it is to late. Otherwise what is the point?

The messages need to come in forms of action and not talk anymore and from those that mean it. This is the only way.

Because you have taken too long and done nothing.

Because the promises everyone remembers you making you failed to make.

Because words no longer work anymore.

Because you have single handedly and slowly destroyed what it means to be democratic. Your still destroying what it means to be democratic.

Because you have spent years proving diplomacy does not work and is only ever a means to kick the can down the road while hoping things get better while they get terribly worse.

The time of diplomacy and words does not have much life left to live. I suggest strongly that the idiots take note because large swathes of land and high walls will never protect you from the potentially largest angry mob history has ever seen and the entire British Army and the Police won’t be much help. When it gets to the stage that the mess we are in has affected enough people that many Police Officers and Army members know well the this also starts to diminish.

All this would be well known well ahead of the dangers taking place if, that is, you had the slightest intelligence to know just how small a world the Internet has made things. Yup the Internet or one of those things that many companies have been allowed to use and abuse to rip off everyone in the country.

Yes they live their modern day gadgets but must be getting pretty pissed by now about the shite situation their bills are in?

What? You don’t know?! You have been feeding this blog, right?

And they moan about the jobless and disabled expecting… GRRR ‘HAND OUTS’!!

Listening to Prime Ministers Questions in the House of Commons anyone wound think that David Cameron was producing gold bars out of his backside every time he sat on the loo?!

Who the bloody hell is he trying to convince? They really are just a bunch of self obsessed morons and without the balls to be open and make the correct choices. Maybe they think the public week just very bored and go back to normal at…. some point? Lol!


NHS trusts counting on bailouts http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-29723421


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