I had only published a post or two about the fact that many, many people and industries have failed to realise it’s both a small world and lies of oddballs in it when I read the story I have linked below!

This was not on my usual AppyGamer… err App and actually via the BBC News App.

Here is a classic example unfortunately of both these things I have previously referred to. Game programmers, like many industries, want their products to sell. Unfortunately this takes the form of misleading information more and more these days when things are getting harder and harder, despite what they tell you.

The drive to play games, sorry to all the women of there I may be about to upset with the facts, is the strongest human desire we have. In fact that sentence is not strictly true and when I correct it, which I now will do, I will prove it…

Or is the strongest women desire we have. That all animals have and the reason had been staying us in the face for a long time.

Much as I love computer games I find them funny things and what’s have. There are just the most recent form of entertainment and can come off with conker ways to keep its entertained. By playing games. I must point out however that the computers of the decades ago would leave any of us for dead in any given game, except maybe a bare few. Chess being one but only up until a point in time when one was created that beat the Chess champion at the time. A Russian.

So it is true to say that all along programmers have had to think about how difficult they make their games. Some people are extremely good while others not so. Some are good at the puzzle elements of some games while others are not and hate them. The truth is that there could be something to speak to everyone’s taste and strengths. But the is not. There may have been a time but not these days.

Unfortunately game creation is driven by yet another bunch of people who do nothing in regards the creation but want to make all the money they can. You can bet your life that they will not be interested in certain have types and want that ideal title they appeals to all people. It does not exist. Never has. I am well aware that may have reviews may raise an eyebrow at what I will say?

Or desire to play games comes from our desire to become smarter in order to survive. I is the exact same drive that kittens cannot resist in passing with each other and rapidly moving small objects. The same applies to Dogs, Foxes, Big Cats, Bears and the list goes on and on.

However we have become modernised by a system that for most of us is beyond our control. Yet many of those that do get control then abuse it. We are just never happy. Plus modern life had become more and more tedious, stressful, a minefield and mostly… body boring.

So what do we do? We use things as a means to escape. Many reviewers love to be able to use that one immortal line of “I’ve never had add much fun playing a computer game!” because our reward for being presented with something knew and defeating it is an increase in dopamine in the brain. This is the substance that gives us a feeling of euphoria legit due to the fact that if such a situation presented itself then we feel we would… survive it.

That’s a longish answer to ‘What is fun?’

As the last few decades past by computer games became more realistic. In visuals at any rate. However some people like this to be not to difficult. Not too complicated. I myself have a selection of titles that vary in the amount of thought needed.

Quite unfortunately I suffer with a condition that means fire a number of reasons I am tired much of the time, yet I never get anything done and many things I love doing I either an to tired to, or write incapable of much of the time. It also scrambles me memory from time to time but only in a time span of a few minutes to a few years. Yet I can remember this from decades ago and it makes no sense. It is a burden on two ways as it’s frustrating and I have no idea if it will get any worse bite how bad it can get. This is true of the memories and the several areas of pain, several areas of discomfort and anything else which may arise to join the others.

I simply do not know and not even sure if there is a way of knowing.

Yet I was and am pursued relentlessly which did a long time for me down and made the symptoms of anxiety and depression a lot worse. These days I do not really care and in fact I am often in their faces constantly as the best defence is a good offence.

At the exact same time there is no one or the which I can find that can genuinely help people in difficulties and not even anyone who can sympathise or even fully understand. I am anyways in their faces too and the same idea as above applies.

What I am leading up to is that we can all have our demons to run away from. We never asked for them nor do we deserve them but it feels like we do, or some unknown reason exists that means we do. That’s how they make you feel.

In the unfortunate cases of families then to much pressure on one individual can unfairly have that pressure thrust upon their partners all at once along with the total blame.

Yeah I have been there too and I knew at the time I was not to blame but I did not know the exact reasons why. I do today.

So it’s totally forgiveable that we look for either escape or solace.

Today there are a lot more people having than their used to be. So this firm of escapism means a lot to many. Some though are no more than simple minded folk who have been manipulated, lied to and upset by those in charge of creating their beloved forms of escapism.

For a long time now it has become an obsession for greedy publishers to rush things out the door because they are impatient for more money. Unfortunately this means to sub standard and even completely crap games being released.

What’s worse is its expected by the media too.

Sometimes some things simply cannot be perfect on time but sometimes it’s inexcusable. But then again if they delay a title then those simple dim-witted folk get frustrated about this too.

The Internet had been used by these greedy corporates to make more money because it’s made the world a great deal smaller but that in turn also brings with it bloody big problems too. But it’s only in recent times that celebrities have had these problems fixed upon then that it mashes the media.

So many things are back to front and it is worrying to think where it will all lead to.

What is obvious and had been for a very long time is that there are groups of people out there, severance of then in fact, should so the childish and greedy bullshit and stop and think about others.

Those that sid think about this that create the things they love and the creators sound think about those they are creating for.

I don’t care, ergo neither will they, that you listen to this and toy listen to that from the consumers/fans, whatever. It is a case of finding that elements that distort the lines between those two and cut this out as if it is rotting flesh. Because in essence that is what it is. A bunch of people whose only input is to come up with clever marketing that will piss a lot of people off. Most of the time. As populations grow and more of the poorer people get computers, consoles and phones this will only get worse because you will be dealing with… leagues of people not just a small group here and there.

Maybe then the idiots that like to show what low life scum they are by sending death threats might actually go quiet too?

You have but two choices… appease them… or catch them!! Then make a bloody example of them.

For those affected by the low-lifes I can only strongly urge you do a search of the Internet for stalking advisory groups. The Police do feck all I know but tell them what happened anyway and get a crime number.

Big firms ‘must condemn GamerGate’


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