Well I suppose really that I knew that many companies were… helped from going under with some inventive…no, no I am not going to give anyone credit. Just because a bunch of morons go unnoticed by another bunch of morons does not make them clever.

Very, very far from it.

Oddly Tesco is not even one of the names I thought would go down the tubes but stayed around. That would be Argos. Well one of them. Maybe the only one? Lol, I don’t recall what I thought back then.

So it was reasonable to assume that at some point there might be another set of names in trouble. Maybe a whole group that were a bit fast and loose with the money and maybe even tax payments too?

Another example of how the punishments for lesser crimes for those most desperate is far greater than those with far more cash but stole or defrauded more money than those poorer and desperate people. Well unless of course their crimes are against other rich, powerful or famous people. Unless it is against Randy Quaid, probably.

As they are not getting us out of the trouble they got us into it is safe to assume there will be more names coming out in situations like this?

There are… a few retail names that have been up to this that strongly suggest they themselves are… teetering. On the edge. So to speak. In fact one of them did not even start this trickery recently and someone after I found out they were doing it, I later found out that a famous national tabloid did an article way back in 2002, give or take a year or two.

Yet for the next dozen years they carry on doing it without being challenged by anyone? Any guesses as to how? Lol.

Another interesting question is that if they were up to this underhanded practice way back then, then how on the world have they survived during these last years? Oh well their only High Street rival of Comet did go out of business a few years ago, leaving only Maplin.

Tesco in criminal fraud probe


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