I simply Co is not they be eked the headline to this BBC report and I got angry when I realised that the 650 missing children it was referring to say fire one area, Manchester, only?!

This is of course to do with the paedophile rings and yes the first words you think of are “Muslim Men”. I did and do. But one thing worries me in this and that is that the Muslim Men are flecking incompetent twats as well being scummy, stench ridden slugs that insult the single footed slimy leaf munchers. The biggest morons going!

Because the practise they have been guilty of is still going on and it turns out Muslim men are not the only perpetrators. There is of course they other ring made up of celebrities and powerful people.

Incompetent because this other ring can get the authorities to blame the incompetent Muslim idiots who walked right into the trap by being just as gross, sick and depraved as the Muslim men.

There is one other thing that one and all need to be aware of and I can only now give you the horrible possibilities gets in the UK because now I have a number. The number is 650 and the location is Manchester but this is just one place.

In my own… endeavours I came across these people performing the same sick things in both Liverpool and Birkenhead. If your a Muslim man living in one of these two areas and up to this practise then good luck… staying alive that is when it becomes widespread knowledge locally! I happen to have had experiences with… Merseysiders for over 25 years. Trust me you really do not want the locals knowing.

Oops! That’s torn it!

I monitored these morons from afar without then knowing… well that is until I needed two separate men GONE on separate occasions and told them along with what I am capable of doing to each of them. Unlike usual British people and the Police force I am very willing to completely break every law in the land without batting so much as an eyelash for… exceptionally depraved people that are killers or rapists and double so if this involved children.

So what you can take from this is that it is not just the major cities and the fact that ‘my lot’ had links to both Manchester and Birmingham then you just know Birmingham has a problem too. But Birmingham is somewhat bigger than Manchester with more people. Hmm is just occurred to me it had a bigger population of Muslims too.

My god I just hope they put a stop to this and it is not going ‘UNNOTICED’ in other places too?!

I am afraid it gets worse though those that have been visiting here a long time and those more… inquisitive will already know what I am about to explain.

At the time I was doing this… monitoring I… collated everything I… knew and I passed it on to both MI5 and GCHQ, yes that includes the fact the were locations in Birmingham and Manchester along with Liverpool and Birkenhead. These were the only ones I was… privy to. I forwarded on more as and when I had collected together more data that I thought might be relevant. To them. Later in all this I then contacted the Police… in Merseyside. I got a call from a John Middleton and the next day had DC Simon Broadhurst and his partner DC Louise… surname unknown. I warned them about having in the place as I did not want a particular person getting hurt or killed off they got something wrong, even the timing.

I do not allow margins of error when the consequences can get innocent people hurt. Cannot seem to prevent causing pain to myself but I will not be responsible in anyway for the death of others. Write the opposite in fact. The two Detectives, oooh just remembered I have to do the collated post for the Police, spent 5 hours here in Enfield asking questions and took some copies of things for themselves. These… things were seperated and I warned then that the higher authorities, though not now sure that they are, had already been informed. Couple months before or more in fact, can’t argue remember now. Well it was three years ago… no four years ago?

I am afraid it gets better still.

The data I referred to were…. you guessed it, audio recordings. Many, MANY audio recordings. Some of that audio was taken from one suspects phone from 250 miles away.

All of that was passed on to the authorities I mentioned and I also recorded the Police while they were here. I always do. I figured they could not be trusted and I was bang on the money.

They started to lie to me when they did feck all. They did feck all and then have me bars faced lies to cover their incompetence. I guess the 500 mile round trip at the tax payers expense was part of the… appearance that they were going to do everything they could. But then never even left the building on the data I provided them.

Too bad for them. Your given the tools through my own hard work with no resources or cash and if you fail and then fecking lie about it I will expose you in the worst possible way!

Yes all this data is on here… wellll enough of it to be inescapable and make them look inexcusable.


It’s all about the numbers and the networks don’t you know? Lol!

Now I just shudder when I think about how many other Police Forces and Local Councils end up being the focus of attention because of failing children in their own neighbourhoods?

It is a little like the attitudes over the football fans at Hillsborough all those years ago? The comments about the fans being low lifes and criminal? Maybe we are just a lower form of life not worth rising getting injured over?

Someone will eventually have to ask them that. But of course the answer will be the usual lie of ‘no’ or evasive manoeuvres that did not include an answer of any kind. Maybe those guilty of the latter do not like telling lies?

That Police post is coming soon,  I have actually posted very little this year and is high time I got going to get a head start on next year?!

Some 650 missing children ‘at risk’


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