While checking out a few things to do with pc games I stumbled across a link. This to a report regarding a game reviewer on YouTube, it states the most popular but I am not familiar with him personally.

The webpage is linked below and it makes for some interesting reading if I say so myself. Very interesting.

I placed the link on here, instead of my CPU & Computing blog because it unusually had links to here and not the other one. Based on what the primary subject matter.

The game reviewer closed off the comments on his YouTube channel and once I saw this in the highlight I immediately knew why and that this would make an interesting read. I also knew that it would mirror my own thoughts to a degree and things I have witnessed for many, many years.

No one more than me is well aware that the world is full of people that make themselves out to be greater than they are. In many different ways. Almost all of the time without much to back it up, but they will argue about this with you way beyond their station and capabilities. Quite often this borders job ridiculous and other times way beyond that even!

I don’t know why they do this.

One I know very literally detests the very idea of being called an idiot and yet they open themselves up to being labeled this by arguing about this they know nothing about, insist they are correct when the subject is nowhere near their vicinity even. I have witnessed this from people who have no qualifications from their schooling whatsoever and even some unable to read and write.

But I assure you that they will blunder into an argument or even tell you your wrong when your explaining this that have actually taken place, in effect calling you a liar.

Some are so literally obsessed with this that they will move in among friends of yours and then impress their false views upon your friends. One cannot say whether this is deliberate or they actually believe their own bullshit? Some can be so obsessed that it is literally classed as a personality disorder they refuse to admit they have and I have seen this denial in people who are actually undergoing psychiatric treatment. They actually believe that they are all wrong and there is nothing wrong with them. But at the same time I have witnessed the same people chastise and be sarcastic to educated people for staying Doctors are wrong, even though they may have proved this several times previously.

On one occasion the obsession can be so great that they feel the need to… ‘get one over’ on the person in question. Sometimes this takes the form of a breach of the law. This is thought by the person with the mental health disorder to be smart and their victim will not be told but this does not matter for it is enough to massage their own ego to simply think they got away with it. In actual fact this is actually and foremost a dreadful breach of trust of the worst kind. While the perpetrator smiles to themselves that they actually achieved this and their victim is none the wiser they are completely blind to the truth that they are found out and had been for some time. Also that the perpetrator had spent enough time flapping their lips air post shenanigans and jobs that have the game away. They then continue to do the exact same thing after the event too. Their sudden change in their… routine along with subject matter in normal conversations guide themselves away yet again and continue to do so. When the subject matter in the usual and regular conversations is severely limited this allows the omission to stand out even more.

When an… offender, trying to be kind here, stands out as much as this they tend to render themselves as that which they absolutely detest to be labeled and would normally way overreact to even the slightest insinuation of.

Being a total idiot.

You can also turn this to complete moron when the person in question continues advertising their own guilt week after week after week.

This gets worse when the offender had failed to realise that their victim has instead playing games back by dropping boulder sized hints to many things that are just completely missed. Month after month after month.

This might be an extreme example of something I myself have witnessed and taken notes on, let’s leave it at that for now. But it seems like people with odd personality traits are more widespread than I could ever realise. Only dwarfed by the number of different varieties in these peculiarities.

Speaking of which the term peculiarities is wrong but deliberate. In actual fact the terms ‘odd’ and ‘out of the ordinary’ and even ‘abnormal’ wound all be wrong. Why, I hear you ask?

I stated earlier that these.. ‘personalities’ seem to now be far more numerous than I could ever have imagined? Well yes they are!

These different personalities are so numerous they may have the ratio and numbers required to den them the ‘norm’?! Yup!

Makes the fact that a so called GP previously tried to label me as mad even more insulting, lol. Almost as much as the fact no less than three Doctors wanted to try and claim that anger and frustration is same as ‘violent’?! Yes that’s why they have three completely separate… ‘labels’, or words. Because they all mean the same. Lol.

Now this chap below has become fed up with these… ‘personalities’ and stated that there are nothing but rubbish in his comments mostly...

Self Advertising

Now I did not scrutinise every word for a list of… ‘TYPES’ but I mentioned a few. There will also be others I guess like ‘fanboyism’ and the arguments and aggression will be dien to fanboys this I assure you. Mostly I write about those divided over computer chips like Intel and AMD. This also includes AMD once again against nVidia. Intel make CPU’s (Central Processing Unit or main brain of a computer) while nVidia makes GPUs (Graphics Processing Units or the chip that puts everything where it needs to be on your monitor screen, over simplified somewhat but in what it does). In gaming A GPU also calculates the three dimensional values of a ‘gaming world’. This used to be simply maps but has evolved into worlds. Every detail of every static object and where it is along with that which sound be seen by you the viewer. If it sounds impressive then now think of all the moving objects in this world along with their ‘artifical intelligence’ and physics of objects, moving vehicles, animals and of course weather and sunlight.

Yet still people are unhappy at the existence of some… this and companies. Very weird.

AMD get a lot of flak and false accusations. They get ridiculous for misinforming yet everyone else does it too. I don’t like it but your acting on behalf of the pot when you call the kettle black. Double weird. AMD also make both CPUs and GPUs as well as successfully combining the two into one chip now known as APUs.

Despite the fact that the ever shrinking chips meant that it was logical to combine the two on one piece of silicon AMD gets flak from it.

Intel bought out a CPU a couple of years back using a new architecture that leapt forward in performance, the previous one was no slouch, codenamed ‘Sandy Bridge’. AMD bought out something that day not quite up to scratch running two year old software and games. They got ridiculed for it. They did not do themselves any fascia by employing the techniques so fashionable in recent times that had now ground the entire planet into an almost halt. Bullshitting and over hyping their products.

You get the idea and yet without competition I can tell you that relying on Intel alone they would then do the very thing that also passes off the consumer no end. Drip feeding for top dollars.

Everything is run by morons without a clue and yet there are also no end of consumers without a clue that feel so happy about their product they feel they have to defend the companies like their lives depend on it.

The beauty of gaming is the sheer variety. Though saying that many… types of games or game worlds are spoilt for choice. Others are curiously missing including some that were once abundant, flight simulators and space exploration.

Imagine my surprise at Truck Simulations and even Goat, yes goat, Simulations?!

We went mention the bad games, the good games with bad elements and the publishing houses wirth millions while not being needed anymore and have not been for years while trying to find ever more ways of getting money from you, many underhanded.

They will argue and become aggressive over games too.

What I have witnessed is the pure pressure people insist on putting on others to have their views accepted and agreed with. Trolling turned up some years ago where the most obsessed would… troll website to website and then wreak havoc in places that were not agreeable with their narrow minded views.

I tried to warn governments, authorities and the news media years ago that this sound be dealt with but it feel on deaf ears. Now is never out of the news. So much so that now anything goes and added to this a whole list of British celebrities and famous and powerful people who have been doing some dreadful things to children. Some too horrific to mention and some names almost too incredible to be believed.

One by one the names have appeared in the media.

Their own ignorance is now leasing to their own downfall, albeit slowly so maybe it’s balancing itself out? It is showing all the bad elements whether they be famous or not.

I have noted in recent times that many people are getting fed up with these narrow minded morons and their incessant desire to achieve some personal goal. Be this done weird kicks or selfish and after money if the most inane and brain dead way they think is smart purely because they could and did do it? Well hire could it possibly fail? Other morons have done it before.

Pattern recognition is a basic human element. Some only see the more obvious in the early stages while others caw an see the more… intricate early on. Repeat the same patterns over and over again and they start to stand out more and more to more and more people.

Gradually the whole experience is ruined for the decent, honest and genuine people out there.

Pewdiepie is the name of the YouTube guy who has grown somewhat despondent with commentors and I for one know where he is coming from.

Cannot help but wonder where things will go over the next couple of years? Better I hope?


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