An interesting interview was caught by me, at least in part, of the family who were falsely accused by Southampton General Hospital over their treatment of their own child, Ashya.

I would like to have heard it all and hear it again because they seemed nice people and Ashya was there too.

In the interview the parents explained that they were not going to turn to the UK and their reasons were completely understandable. In fact it was quite interesting because reading between the lines, so to speak, the father seemed to be saying that between them both the Police and the NHS can cook up any old crap they like and make it stick. Which is EXACTLY what I have been attempting to tell add many people as I can on here. Plenty of proof to in all manner of formats.

Of course what was interesting also was that this refusal to come back would be after an investigation had ended. I am not sure how much time has passed since they fled but… why had it been forgotten by the media until recently and why has the investigation not been spoken about?

You see this is the trouble because these offenders do not just rely on the public being fickle but that of the news media too!

Over time the tricks have become more and more nasty and underhanded and its only because of the fact that both the Hospital and Police over-exaggerated, over exaggerated lol, the dangers to a frail child.

Now I have stated this before will do so now and likely will several more times over the next twelve months…

How many times have things like this occurred where the Police, NHS and Councils falsely labeled someone to meet some hidden agenda based purely on either money, number targets for political gain or both?

These other victims would no doubt have contacted the news media over their own false allegations, so where are their stories?!

Unless this is dealt with its going to brew into something… not very nice to say the least. The longer you shaft someone the angrier they will be about it when they discover this.

There is one other factor I have not touched upon before and that is that those that have been naive or just plain stupid to defend any of if these… institutions to the hilt will be far more pissed because they will have been made to look like fools. By the very people they defended and trusted.


You have to look at every angle and every possibility before you can mashes an informed decision and have any hope of getting it right and being right. Anything else would be completely foolish and those that do only have themselves to blame. Oh and this they defended of course, lol.

Ashya’s family ‘unsafe for UK return’


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