Well I realised I I might have made a mistake when typing out a recent post. I had in fact made a mistake, God  only knows how but I’ll get to that in a bit, and I was not meant to get paid until THIS Wednesday, not last Wednesday! 

Yes and I sent off all those emails too. Lol. 

Still I had to contact the Independent Case Examiner’s again anyway, or ICE who claim to be Ombudsman of the DWP but only to check their admin?! 

I never thought for one second I had made a mistake until I was young out about my daughter and the DWP. I then  remembered that her money was to be paid on the opposite week to be and that if she was meant to be paid this week then I I that would mean I get paid the following week? 

Still, I simply could not understand how I made a mistake that involved a while day?! 

I have been losing days for years but I recently have had that up to two days or even three! But never an entire week! 

However there was another factor along  with the memory issues of Fibromyalgia, otherwise known as Fibrofog. This other factor included that I had been ill for 7 weeks, though felt OK until a week ago when I started to go down hill. This ‘being down’ for a couple of days say followed by a couple days being OK before Krakatoa re-erupted exposing the pits of hell. 

So with the memory blanks and then the illness, pains and shite I somehow manage to miss a whole week! 

So it turns out kind of funny in a away as it allows me to bounce my rod line around with my large neon sign stating the word ‘obvious’ in a flashing ice blue! 


As will be shown in time there is nothing either greater or funnier than pulling people to rank on something that has been bouncing around in front of their faces for three years. 


Dear Mr Haswell

I am responding to your e-mail sent 24 October 2014.

The Independent Case Examiner’s role is to independently investigate complaints into administrative failings by the Department for Work and Pensions and its Work Providers. Decisions about benefit entitlement are not considered by the ICE as these can be considered under the review and appeal process. 

If you have a complaint about the administration of your benefit claims with DWP and require this office to investigate you must have received a response to the complaint from DWP which directs you to this office.  This usually means that the complaint must have gone through the DWP complaints process and received a response for or on behalf of the DWP’s Director General for Operations. More information can be found at

More information about the Independent Case Examiner’s role can be found atIndependent Case Examiner – GOV.UK.  As we highlight on our website the ICE office works with the DWP and the ICE office running costs are met by them.

I am unable to comment on issues outside the remit of this office. 

Yours sincerely

Karen Grace

Customer Service Officer


Dear Sirs

Well after having had an ambulance sent here yesterday and ordered by my GP to get a cab to A&E he was bemused to discover that after calling me to apologise for not being able to find a shred of a document on my regarding my health desire turning me down for times in two years for DLA and PIPS right now that my Incapacity Benefit had been stopped.

Putting it mildly.

Now let me point out to you what I already know?

The whole point of your existence and hence why you receive such huge amounts of money from the British taxpayer is to make sure that the DWP and Atos do their jobs properly?

I will tell you here and now that I knew before contacting you the first time that you would not do this. We all know what you did not do.

However I am extensive thorough if nothing else and as I already stated done things have arisen that are set in stone add the law is concerned.

I made a Freedom Of Information request that I have prodigy been apologised to about for first of all being LATE but that bit one document regarding my health can be located?! So how have my applications for benefits been refused? I was informed that after two weeks of nothing was found that I wind get a letter stating this and apologising for the time taken to do it as stated on the phone?

This letter is now late too!

In case I did not mention I had a letter from the CPU asking me to set up a new payment arrangement for a 21 year old daughter who herself had three children who I have given money to the tune of £200 to in the last month because the DWP have not given her any desire the fact they have been illegally holding back my DLA/PIPS for over five years!

So as an ‘independent’ case examiner can you now explain why you are completely unable to answer my simple request about how you are now going to act against both the DWP and Atos when I have now provided you with an porn and shut case that IS the law and not simply the loose rules often ignored?

I have a couple of hundred thousand visitors that pay all your wages that not only are interested to know but have a right to know.

Also I want to give you the opportunity to explain why your email address is on the DWP’s servers? Of all the Ombudsman and so called governing bodies I have to admit to not every witnessing such a huge oversight by an organisation making use of the word ‘independent’ in is title!

I think I am also going to have to explain… hmm no allow you to work out for yourselves how ignoring and/or avoiding the questions, or indeed entire emails, looks to the ever growing monthly amount of visitors to my blog?

Explaining these things time and again in letters and emails which get published online only adds to the arguments I make with those I argue with, or that do nothing without thinking through the drawbacks of being exposed just adds to the intended insult.

This happened while I was experiencing several pains asking with highly embarrassing things that had me convinced I was dying of stomach cancer?! A condition that killed my great grandfather and may have killed my Uncle only around ten years older than I am now.

So if you could provide even a feeble attempt at justifying your existence, why your emails go through the DWP servers and how you have stated that nothing was wrong when clearly lies are being told and laws are being completely ignored, let alone merely broken through some pausing oversight.

In fact the very term ‘oversight’  is the one single, solitary thing that my while plan of attack and blog relied on.

Also of note is the emergence that I have been secretly recording each and every one of those I have had reason to correspond with for over for years now. What was amusing when the liars and charts then decided that the thing to do is to then insult my intelligence by claiming my actions were illegal?! I will provide you with just one fine example from dozens and dozens I have…

A recent and second GP kicked me off their register without good reason and Doctors swear a hipocratic oath. The GP requested I turn off any recording equipment and when I asked who told him, obviously the NHS, the moron said I did. Another lie. He then fixed me to switch off two devices he could see. Then getting cocky be smiled as he backed up me lies and deliberate omissions in a deliberate attempt to slander me once again. I have him a very obvious way to prove be was not to to no good and lying on demand by the NHS by offering to hand over a recording that completely obliterates the pathetic letter I got from Guy’s Hospital. He was the second GP in a row to point blank refuse to listen to it. When I pressurised him add to why he stated that listening to it was illegal?! Bloody moron! Another lie.

Make note that I stated I have him the chance? Read on…

After handing me a written warning to a bunch of bullshit I received another letter the days later stating I was being removed from the practise register because despite being told I was not allowed to record the consultation, sorry but you bloody well don’t have a say, he discovered that I had “another secretly hidden device and you continued to record the consultation and posted the recording on your blog that night!”

Oh dear! If oby be knew the film extent which point a portion exists on the blog… enough to do as intended.

I have for three years now been actually pushing my visitors and links on social media networks to do exactly what I did. I have pushed and stated that they have a smart phone in their pocket and to use it. So consider my reaction when I read and link on my blog a BBC report that stated…

A lady who wanted to commit suicide turned to get GP and begged for help and that this was because they had to give evidence in a rape case. His response? He told her to go and kill herself then and did she could look it up on the Internet?!

He says secretly recorded and that was used to have him struck off! Oddly this was in Liverpool which features heavily on my blog so likely have almost add many people from the North West in my blog as I do Londoners.

That was just a week ago and over the next six months many, many things will come to light.

In my view and this will be the case in everyone’s eyes not of complete amoral fibre that some extremely serious laws and morals have been broken and that despite the financial hardships of late that the complete blaise attitude is nothing short of criminal.

So if you would be so kind as to answer these requests?

These are Freedom Of Information requests and a time limit job which the FOI is answered is clearly set in laws that all public services are going to get a series lesson over the next 12 months that the law applies to them too!


Martin Haswell BSc


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