How odd?

Just speaking with a paramedic late last night about governments and their targets while everyone else suffers except them and this occurs over the NHS being the finest at Prime Minister’s Questions at the House of Commons?

Rather bizarrely a man was causing a stir and throwing marbles, his own that he had left, at the petition separating the public gallery?!

As I said, bizarre.

But then this is the nature of us Brits today… no in fact I think it is just the English that do this. They refuse to deal with serious issues, refuse to want to band together anymore, not broad spectrum at least, and you get this. You will get more of this and this is the kind if thing I have insinuated to all along.

Ignored by their…. peers with no understanding from others, help or support them people eventually…snap, for want of a better term.

Of course they could just be someone of their trolley but it won’t change the fact that there are reasons.

You don’t have special situations where you can dump any possible reasons.

My old Nan had an old saying for when people become too self obsessed to take on the plights of others in any shape, form or measure…

‘I’m alright, Jack!’

Man thrown out of Commons at PMQs


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