I am not having a good time, really I’m not. I had thought I over things and considered leaving the house to get some much needed this.

One of the things I wanted to acquire was something I cannot remember the name of on a webpage I cannot remember the address of to deal with one of the nasty symptoms I have been experiencing.

I thought better off it and rather glad I did. Or rather did not.

The discomfort… well everything had died right down and a little discomfort was dealt with by checking my PC which had been left on all night.

I had joked on my computing blog about a computer game I bought out of my local Game Store I had wanted to play for years only to find out that despite their being a DVD inside the very nice box it contained no game?!

Yes you read that correctly and I am afraid it gets worse.

I then went into the company’s website to download it annoyed that this was the first time I had to do this since a little game called Half Life 2. Onky it was not there?!

I had gone into their website because the disc I had s supposed to download the game except after 5 hours it still stated 59 minutes to go which it did when I stated it, which is how long it should take. The share days that all was well and the server was online but five hours and nothing doing. So I started to seek out issues in the Internet.

Now what do I find next? Well not only have a large number of people had the same issues but it turns out the game is actually… FREE?!

Yes siree you read that correctly and nor was it clear on the special edition box! Neither did it mention either that the game was an online only game, a pay to win game, which I hate and neither did the guys in the store notice it when I specifically asked them, it isn’t online only? “No not Tom Clancy titles no, they are always single player.”


So after a bunch of people said it was not pay to win I thought I would leave it on all night? Lo and behold I was shocked when around 11am this morning around 75% had completed. It seemed to have slowed down and wanting a distraction for a couple of hours I fired up something else. Cut a long story short and fast forward six hours and…. it is still on 75% and still states 3 minutes to go as it did 6 hourse before.

I was actually feeling a little hungry and wanted to avoid bread but remembered I had some pineapple chunks in juice. All the webpage had stated to eat fruit and veg and not being able to get out I ate that. Did not make it to the end of the medium size tin when I was in the throne room clutching my guts during salvos into the cavern of doom!

I could not fecking believe it and wanted to tear the house apart with my bare hands! If I could get them away from my guts for a moment that is.

Fortunately the nightmare vision of another night in agony without sleep seem to be a little premature…. fingers crossed!


Oh yeah and my list of possibilities grew with some undesirable additions my family has a history of I dare not make public! My life literally won’t be worth living from the nagging over something I cannot do anything about.

One possibility my great grandfather had.

Another a friend of mine had but I can’t see that. I think people were just possessing of a little knowledge and was proving dangerous? So I worked through the list striking them off as I went.

Colitis, Colostridium difficale, Helicobactor pylori, Crohn’s Disease and a few others for removed off the list. Not the one I wanted or right word be removed mind you!

Maybe tomorrow I’ll have to make a call, maybe tonight even? God I hate having to do that but I guess seven weeks is a bit long? Ooh crap I know what I am going to hear from another source too?!

Damn it!


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