Despite the fact I am extremely unlikely to leave the house, unless in an ambulance but not now as, I have now noticed that my Incapacity Benefit had not been paid into my account.

Now if I end up in hospital it will be much further away and could have been left with no money to get home!

So that’s now my daughter, her three children (Freudian slip that is not) and now me they have ceased payments too?!

I told a friend the other day that I found the knives washed up and laid out dude by side on my draining board? I do not know how they ended up there and it would be unusual for me to wash up three knives, forks or spoons then yes. They were the only things in my house that did not need washing up, quite literally.

Like I said to my friend I must have done it and forgotten I did it as the alternative is someone had been in the house! Well someone did try a few months back. Someone my landlord stated knew about doors.

Only thought of that a few minutes after realising I had not been paid, I just hope my daughter is being paid now because of she asks… with my poisoning I do not know when I will get to suit this out?

I have sent off two emails to the DWP and ministers@dwp.gsi.gov.uk but in all honesty I have put emails I have sent to them in the post on here and I do not get replies.


Dear Sirs

I have been monitoring and cataloging along with recording almost ask public offices for seven years and paper work going back twenty years.

The attempt to get at me by taking away my money and not paying my daughter any despite having three young children is reprehensible.

A copy of an email is provided below.

The blog where I publish everything is…


I look forward to hearing from you or my readers look forward to see if I am ignored yet again.


Martin Haswell BSc

Dear Sirs


I have just spent another night which had been several in a bout of illness that could be stomach cancer which I had a great grandfather die of, the other one died test piloting the Avon Manchester which then gained two engines and became the Lancaster.

I have argued with the NHS for a dozen years before realising I was being lied to and having test results falsified so that they do not diagnose my condition. I have spent four years secretly recording this to price my point and in the process correctly diagnosed my own condition that s then confirmed by Guy’s Hospital though they omitted the fact they discovered I had a separate and physical issue with my right knee as well as my Fibromyalgia.

I have suffered with the hernias two of which cause me no end of trouble on to of the FMS and right knee issue.

I have also done this with several other public services including two Police forces.

I have been providing my own daughter who had 3 children despite being only 21 years old one again as a direct result of every more public services.

Would you believe that I recently was contacted by the Child Support Agency to set up another payment arrangement fire my 21 year old daughter?

Are you aware that to add insult to injury she had not been receiving any money from yourselves for several weeks despite the fact she had three children and the CSA  had the cheek to ask me for money?

Are you aware that I am well aware that Atos not only lie and chat but over the last 3 years I have applied for DLA and PIPS five times and catalogued and recorded it everyone while publishing in all online as and when it happened as I have done all the above? That they deliberately made appointments for early morning knowing I won’t make it with my condition? That each time they made two appointments switching DLA and the last time PIPS over to ESA?

Hmm now I am sure I am missing something here, sorry Fibrofog.. ahh yes… No. Crap!

So could you please explain to me and my couple of hundred thousand visitors and growing why I have not received my Incapacity Benefit and what the hell you are paying it with the public’s money? Ooh now I remember… Are you also aware that I am aware of Freedom of Information requests and that I had a phone call from you apologising as you went over time and the lady was not aware that I had been refused DLA/PIPS five times and yet not a single shred of documentation can be found regarding the information I sent you regarding NHS documentation despite you being sent severance dozen?!

Please also be advised as I have told you all so many times before, now being lied to again stating what I did was illegal by recording and publishing which is not and others telling me they refuse me permission to record secretly, that one being Atos, and me starting they can stick that because they cannot stop me?

Can you please explain where I am to find the money to transfer to my daughter when you get again fail to pay her?!

Oh and could you explain why I was told that after two weeks even if not a scrap of NHS documentation could be found that I wood get a letter and that itself had not arrived?

This will be published immediately on the blog, I am sure you are all well aware of the blog address by now? Even my last GP got a call from the NHS about it and he kicked me off the register, which was breaking the rules not to mention his hipocratic oath exactly as my previous GP had done fur two separate reasons non of which were true and desire the fact what we agreed about I have on take but failed to tell him that this had been online for several months?!

I look forward to your reply with a raised eyebrow at the ready and with keen interest.


Martin Haswell BSc


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