Well I thought I had fallen asleep and awoke finding myself within The Twilight Zone?!

Knowing what one of my difficulties had been over the years and one that fell upon deaf ears, though ears long gone this still occurs! My other… problems that have been systematic in bringing a great deal down into the doldrums.

I may have touched upon the one I have linked below several times within these pages. However, never did I dream I would ever see a news report that echoes what I have stated fire many years?!

Being, hmm let’s just say, smart/wise is a curse and guess against you I am afraid unless you range serious steps to hide it. Oddly enough I could draw many conclusions from this and the state of things in a list so long it weighs need is own… umm BLOG?! LMAO!


Anyway here is a link where it is claimed that the further up the corporate ladder you go the “dimmer” people get, but no doubt the more greedy and lazy they get too.

Oddly enough I am working, mentally right now, on a piece that will be to do with the computer game industry, it’s utter greed and how they do not give a fuck that is obvious and reasons this needs to stop. And stop now!

Unfortunately it won’t make for a good read fit those culpirits and I am afraid I am going to hit home runs while giving a ticking off to naive users handing money over hands over foot like the naive prices they are and helping ruin things for the rest of us with working grey matter!

Taking this claim about those higher up being more dim-witted the higher you get? Well I did state from the start of this blog I shingle to try very hard to get threatened with being taken to court and then taken to court?! Some months ago I have up on them being smart enough to have people on the payroll looking for people like me and instead declared this blog to a few, not all but enough, lol.

For instance not my last GP that claimed I did but I did the GP previous to him and I did the NHS recently. I did not to Atos but did to the DWP.

I had theories I had long since stated on here and was fully intent on proving them. One method was to mention to some of what I was up to, imply that I had divulged to all and let the loosest lips sink the biggest ships. Of course as I stated there were a great many facets to all this and here I explain another.

Damn it! I just remembered something I had forgotten and I bloody well forgot what it was… AGAIN!

oops yeah, even that there, annoying as I find it, is indeed another facet!

Riddle me this…

When one argues with them all
Be he angry at the fool
When not one have yet to see
Forgotten rhymes for all to read

Why firms don’t want you to be brilliant


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