Well it has been going on for over fifteen years and now they are getting serious about the Internet!

Odd that I heard someone being interviewed about this who themselves is a member of a list of people alleged to be involved in the paedophile ring. The one that contains a fair few names already. I could not help but think that she is well aware of this and while I commend the fact that they are now doing something about the lawless Internet and those that abuse others is involved in a plot to silence certain… people.

This would be very easy for me to say it is because of me and this blog but it’s not. Despite what I state I only state those things I know to be true, opinions on things I have heard and my thoughts on them. So no it is not but I believe every will be.

Also of note is the BBC now referring to Internet Trolls as basically cyber bullies. Hmm I always that cyber-bullies were known as… err… Cyber Bullies?! Lol! This is now the third completely different explanation I have known to exist for trolls for fifteen years.

Internet trolls face longer sentences


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