It has been… surreal listening, watching and reading the apologies and excuses going on regarding the Ebola Virus.

Also of interest is the finger pointing that has just started to take shape. Even with Kofee Annan, former president of the United Nations.

The focus now is shifting from a series of absolutely disastrous mistakes by American health professionals that I did not even foresee to what everyone on the planet sat with their thumbs to their arses while Ebola started to spread further afield. What was good to see and hear was fingers being pointed at African governments and leaders.

I find it truly a surprise at how it spread in the US. For a health service that’s obsessed with large amounts of profit and one that the idiots in Britain are trying to mimic or let Americans run. Nice.

Many should be thankful it is only Ebola that has been badly ignored, handled and managed. Or rather has not. Had it been a deadly strain of airborne Bird Flu I would wager that tens of thousands of Americans would have contracted it by this stage and a nationwide emergency put in place. The same applies to Europe but not to such an extent as America… but it’s early days.

Mr Annan the answer to your question is money. The now age old accepted saying that nothing is free is the root cause fur the mistakes. For as long as I can remember people of certain industries mass together and campaign, march it strike because they want every higher pay while doing less and less work. Now it is going wrong I am sure the line “we are only human” will be the commonly used excuse in which case..

“Well why are you getting all that fecking money if your admitting your shit and not professional?!”

I did not foresee there mistakes, well any mistakes within health professions of I am honest.

I also find it staggering that for decades Hollywood has always talked up their own country, it’s army and it’s professionals as being impervious and invincible. It, Hollywood, needs to be careful now that it does not end up being labeled as one giant propaganda tool for the rest of the world.

Speaking of health professionals and after what must be one of the longest nights on my life it now turns out my medical records have surfaced at my new GP Surgery. Bizarre and I had around a third of my complete medical records on me when I attended the surgery yesterday. This was just in case the records has failed to turn up and I was starting to suspect that the GP might get a phone call, as many public services are now getting about me, to convince the new GP I was a liar and not to be trusted? Well I have had two lots of medical records vanish into thin air and this happened a few years back too. Was, no is in danger of becoming a semi regular occurrence!

So the cardboard folder that contained around 100 sheets concerning only my Fibromyalgia symptoms, tests, departments, groin pain and knee pain were contained therein. Only going back mostly around 6 years when I realised I had to stop binning the NHS letters as Is being lied to.

Now there are a couple of documents that go back fifteen years or more but these were mostly binned. There is nothing regarding my hiatus hernia and previously repaired inguinal hernia, other than mentions in letters requested. There is also nothing concerning my Oesophagitis.

Of course the second Inguinal Hernia is boot among the documents because, now have you paid attention…, it was lied about. The GP stated I did not have one when I boot only knew that I did because I was told on the day but I also saw it on the monitor. No documents maybe but there is a recording of the specialist at Chase Farm Hospital admitting I had a hernia and that he lied. Unfortunately he did not say why.

So yeah there are things… missing for a while range of reasons. It is still an impressive sight though and there are still things about the house not with the rest of the documents from the NHS.

I did boot get to speak with the GP as he said he had not had the time to look through it all.

Oh yes that was the other thing, his reaction and what he said. ‘Through it all’ suggested that not only did he expect a lot more paperwork than he originally received but might have been not than he imagined?!

I will find out next time I him I guess?

Help for Africa to stop Ebola spread


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