Every now and then something will… bubble to the surface to do with something I have talked about our covered on here that serves to teach me something. Or more correctly remind me that I should learn to trust me of my instincts than I do.

I was taking in the latest revelations regarding Oscars Pretorius, will just the important bits, when I remembered something in a documentary about it all. In particular it was more to do with an interview with Reeva’s parents. There were some things that were commented on in a way I thought was a little odd. Now I had completely forgotten about this until I heard the latest.

There was mention of money being received from Oscars Pestorius by Reeva’s parents. In the interviews I thought it was odd that they did not seem, or at least one did not, as upset as I thought they would be. They also seemed to be more focused about the career of their daughter, or at least one was?

Now at the time I thought that maybe it’s just a different world I am not familiar with and the attitudes are different. In some cultures… no in many cultures many things are looked upon differently to others. Hell, some even want to murder others in the midst barbaric and feral like way in the incompetent pursuit to show the rest of the world how much better, refined and cultured they are!

It was also quite strange in that one relative rated with shock and shaking her head and I thought it must be a lie then. But then it turned out to be true as after the revelation that the parents had been receiving money from Mr Pestorius they made a statement about how they would pay back every cent.

Of course this then reminded me of the remarks in that interview during the documentary came back to the fore.

It also occurred to me that Mr Pestorius had been very shrude in the way he approached all this and paid them the money so that when the time came he could cast doubt about their emotions in losing their daughter? I seem to remember, maybe wrongly, that Reeva’s father was heartbroken in the interview?

It was mentioned, claimed, that the parents lived off their daughters money? An odd thing to claim. It also turned out that they intended to sue Oscar Pestorius for damages or losses? Maybe the money they were no longer receiving from their daughter?

Funny then that I find myself doing the exact opposite!

I feel personally responsible and guilty for my own daughter’s predicament and that of my grandchildren. For years now I tried to make the public services are sense and the truth.

After several years of this I realised that not only were they harping on about what was best for my daughter that no one involved from the social workers to the solicitors and the courts actually gave a flying feck!

It then became obvious that the day would come when all that I predicted would come to pass and that they would not accept responsibility for their actions, or inactions?

When it did come to pass it was a thousand times wise than I could ever imagine and for the several years since she became an adult the public services have treated her and my grandchildren wise than they tested me!!

So since then I have been working extremely hard to coerce my daughter into the direction of a decent solicitor so that she can get recompense for all that the public services have done to her, failed her and how they had fair warning and did nothing but cover it up fur the last ten years.

My sole intention was that I could help to get justice and damages for all the inhuman things that had been done to her which, regardless of how much she received, could never make up for what they did but both she and I could worry a lot less about her situation. Pertussis then she can sit down for 5 minutes and think about what she would like to do with her life?!

Sad isn’t it?

So you see it seems that my situation as a parent seems to be the exact opposite to that of Reeva’s mother? I have a really intolerable health condition that is a disability several times over and known as the invisible condition. I also have several other things on top of this to do with my oesophagus, right knee, groin and possibly my back.

I am also treated like crap and given no support with the lamest and dumbest lies to avoid from doing that.

So I spent a couple of years concentrating on my daughter before I felt she s on the right path to achieve justice against organisations who have abused and defrauded this country in the worst possible ways.

Now currently I am working on my own while still keeping an eye and an ear out for my own daughter in case she needs help again. Lately this had been financial due to the absolutely disgusting nature of the Department of Work and Pensions made possible due to a large number of extremely naive people that think that they themselves will be better off if they turn a blind eye to vulnerable people getting a good kicking.

Instead what these naive fools should be thinking is ‘if they can do this to disabled people and children then how can they give a crap about me and my family?!’

Funny that I think like this and that those that should… DON’T!

Pistorius sentence hearing resumes


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