Well will you look at that? Below! In the link! The cost of football matches?! Lol!

Yup for the first time I can recall and only taken five years of being in what is in essence a recession… no deppresion because that is his everyone feels deep down despite the brave faces.

Odd that the cost of football matches now comes up after years and years of things constantly getting further and further until an extremely distant orbit!

Everyone I know was talking about this for 5 years before the recession even officially started! It was a topic of an old mate of mine who departed London and I have not seen nor spoken to for 3 years now!

I really do not like Esther McVey, her voice! Never in my life have I ever heard a politician sound so insincere while also managing to speak in a way to make it sounds like her mind is saying..

‘yeah the British public are all half-wits, they will but this bull and I will just keep making it sound like we have done miraculous things for over 4 years when we have done fucking nothing at all proving that those we pointed the fingers at are not to blame but no matter… they are all just half-wits! ‘

I digress. Yuck!

Anyway… yes! So the cost of a football match is apparently outstripping the cost of living?! Really?! You spot this now?!

I am a supporter of one of the biggest names in football and the Premiere League. Yet is the biggest name not to win the Premiere League or previous First Division since 1961 where they were the greatest team in Britain. They have won plenty of FA Cups and held the record for many years. We also had the first £1 Million signing and have had several of the biggest names in football for years. Oddly we are one of the few teams, strangely Everton being the other one, that did not have done rich buyer come along and buy the best team! A la Chelsea and Manchester City. Oh and Liverpool. Newcastle United to a degree and Blackburn Rovers. All have won the title after having a large input of cash. Yet my team have never managed this and I never dreamed back in 1978 when we were in the Second Division and beating Bristol Rovers 9-0 that in nearly 40 years time that English Champions weeks have still ended us?!

Yet when I think about it, which I did recently because there was talk of the team being sold, I was never sure that I would be happy if my team bought the title?

My team has had names like Klinsmann, Gascoigne (who I met once), Ginola, Lineker, Hoddle, Waddle, Greaves, Blanchflower, Mackay, Archibald (first Million pound signing), Jennings, Crooks, Clemence, Keane, that Bulgarian… ooh Bebratov (knew it started with ‘B’) and many others I have not thought of. Oh yes that Welshman … Terry Yorath! Of course I mean Gareth Bale! Oh yeah and the Argie trio of Osvaldo Ardiles, Ricardo Villa and Diego Maradonna! Yes he did! Look it up! Osvaldo testimonial years ago! So there! Lol!

Of course it is Spurs, Tottenham Hotspur. A team whose fans have suffered in recent decades despite the list of great footballers.

In fact there was this talk of limiting teams to view much money they could spend on players and link it to his much they earn. I thought how typical this would be and that after this all any premiere league team could spend is about three pound seventy five after all the greedy players have been paid.

That reminds me of how I laughed when I saw the richest footballers in the world campaigning for lesser footballers who are not being paid! Well YEAH! Maybe if you were not all receiving a weekly figure many do not see in their entire lives which had only helped force up prices or property, cars and other things and left your supporters skint?!

Yeah but then I guess naivety comes into play when your looking for that rush or escapism? A bit like gambling then, eh? You pays your money and take your chances. But what happens when the huge costs are only rewarded with misery most weeks?! Lol. Empty seats at a fair few low table teams!

Not really this for the sport and not really fair is it? In fact I think there is an argument for football boot being a sport because sport means a level playing field. It is anything but in recent times. Both on the pitch and in the seats. But then look at FIFA?!

Ticket prices outstrip cost of living


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