I have no bloody idea why the news media in the UK is entirely obsessed with Kim Jong-Un?

We ask know who he is, we ask know about North Korea, we all know that their own people are suffering and starving to keep their pathetic army going. No one can do anything about it and not would they.

But the new leader dues not appear in public for a couple of days and the news media along with the possible theories go completely wild! Why?


There are still kids that were abducted in Africa… err somewhere by that barmy lot of radical Muslims called…. Purple Harlem?! Lol, but you do not hear about that anymore just some overweight Dictator who vanishes for a few days. Even his reappearance, completely quashing the coup theories, send the media into a frenzy because of a walking stick?!

Jesus Christ I have been doing that for two years on here and my YouTube account along with good deed details, a mountain of data all collected in considerable pain.

But no some twat with a stick in North Korea and they go nuts!

I think the degree courses in journalism and the universities that offer them have a lot to answer for.

The news media is actually far worse than the average offerings on TV … SHITE!

I would like to say that it works be great to see a documentary about all this to do with the TV News media and what went wrong? But it’s the TV News media so they are not going to document an investigation into themselves now are they?! Lol. A shame as it would be quite an interesting watch.

I hope that Kim Jong-Un, or whatever his name is, does not appear with a basket ball, or in a top hat and tails or even skateboarding?! I think the western media and all it’s journalists would have a mass simultaneous event involving coronaries that will have scientists thinking the magnetic field of the Earth is about to collapse suspecting the deceased to ask have pacemakers?!

Sorry could not resist that one! Lol. Out just drives me nuts sometimes it really does. They make a big thing about those young girls being kidnapped and then drip the sorry like a hot potato!

I think the news needs to be organised and categorised in some way so that stories that have been exposed or covered can ashtrays be accessed?! Like a table, spreadsheet layout or database like layout. Then you can have a brief few words strong current status of the report or event?

The way it is currently and had been for bloody years now is an utter, utter mess and highly suspect of some very underhanded things going on.

Oddly I have also noticed that for several years now faces that have appeared in the BBC have fled to other channels. I have noticed this and I do not watch TV and always on my computer either gaming, on the internet (web) or writing something out in a word processor either to put in the post or post on my blog. Or playing music or several other things I do, do but cannot think of right now.

I edit photos and videos. I scan documents and then edit those and have done catching up to do. Edit sound files and have a bit of catching up to do on that subject too!

I have a long list of ‘To-Do’s’ and mostly for the blogs and media to publish. Scanning several documents along with cutting a long audio file and listening and then posting a very sorry snippet.

Oh yes and there is a phone conversation I have to upload and post to.

My news is always relevant to the public. Sure they may not immediately realise it but the truth is that everything is badly run by a bunch of people that are overpaid to do this who lie and cheat while doing nothing and taking cash from everyone’s taxes.

At some point over 80% of people are going to be got square on the face by the industries I mention in this blog Remembering certain points from here may well help you more than you could imagine?

N Korea leader ‘appears in public’


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