I thought I had seen and heard the worst of many of the public services?

Yet despite the fact that the NHS and it’s… so called professionals who swore a Hippocratic oath in their professions and done nothing but lie and cheat their own patients for their own personal gain I can now say I had not.

Not until now!

Below is a link to a report by the BBC, an organisation that my family has had some pretty rotten history with for all the wrong reasons that I now know will get some very focused spotlight over the next year.

Quite unfortunately for certain … organisations yet do be revealed they have wrongly thought that this history is appropriate weaponry to be used and abused? Ooooh dear. Wrong. But I am so very glad that you did!

I digress, albeit ever so slightly.

Tonight I read this story… no, tragic, horrific and disgusting story of a man who not only witnessed to horrors of Hillsborough all those years ago but which…how do I put this? Unthinkably lost two daughters on the day! When I say lost I mean that they both died!!

If you think this as something, like me, that you simply could not even imagine the years of pain and agony that these two parents endured then I suggest you read the report! Because the way they were spoken to, treated and the insinuations they had to hear were of the most horrific and inhuman that anyone could imagine.

In fact I think that any stragglers who have not bothered to listen to my own audio or read documents but thinks themselves having the mysterious expertise to decide my claims are wildly impossible… well this report is for you.

What you should contemplate is that considering this was one single solitary thing that one single solitary, or more, public service for away with… what attitude and confidence would they then have going forwards?

This for me typifies everything that is wrong with this country and might give readers a scary idea of how this attitude exists today and how much worse it has got?

No doubt they have learned much smarter tricks over the years to his the contempt they have for those they are paid by to serve?

Hillsborough dad’s ‘worst moment’ http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-merseyside-29596301


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