One of the things I am and will become famous for is my patience because to achieve half the things I have done… well you will quite literally need the patience of a SAINT!

But you do not need just this alone you need a good poker face. In fact I give out one that insinuates I have a reasonably good hand that appears it can easily be beaten.

The truth is I hold all the aces!

Now the one thing I have to do is bite my lip extremely hard when someone pulls something particularly slippery on me when I not only already suspected a few things but know a few things too.

It’s my poker face! Quite literally too!

I will get back to those last couple of short sentences at some point in the future but they do explain things in a cryptic fashion.

What makes it all the more annoying resulting in bleeding lips is the fact that these people actually think they are smarter then me or have outsmarted me? Are you absolutely sure about that? The person on question probably does not come on here but they will at some point… when I need them too and want them too.

When you only suspect things you cannot leave it at that,  you have to be sure of yourself sometimes. On some occasions you have to leave… breadcrumbs for them to follow. In effect leading them into a trap. I have many of these on the go at any one time. One recent and particularly slippery one is a my newt brain that thinks themselves clever. Though from my understanding of things they are not in any way in a position, nor educated enough, to argue on any subject. So annoying when they tell you they are right about Internet related things I have a degree in!

Yeah, see annoying! Qualifications? None!

There have been a number of bizarre… reactions to things and discoveries and statements that have not gone unnoticed.

So now I am going to put things in motion to ensnare another moron and this time the consequences will be… GREAT!



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