Well the BBC report below asks ‘What next?’ when it covers to strikes within the NHS.

I myself ask myself… other questions during actions like these.

I have spent years now pressurising the NHS and a whole list of its departments, list of GP surgeries and hospitals to come up with answers. I recorded everything as I went knowing that that many were knowingly doing underhanded things like lying or falsifying test results while others just plain incompetent.

Of particular interest is the fact that Which? Magazine seems to now be beginning to get the idea that things are very wrong in this country. In just three emails over three last several months they have changed their actions from something quite broad spectrum to something a great deal more specific.

I dare say and willing to wager that this will evolve several not times over the next six months or so? I would also wager that they will also be accompanied by others?

When these things occur with some of my own revelations then the primary focus of the British public will then turn it’s attention to that which it relies upon without question for being informed of these…oversights.

As this occurs more and more of the posts from my archives of the last two and a half years and longer will be highlighted with my… predictions and previous… actions.

Many things are designed to be… quite inescapable. This was always the intention and largely why so many things for posted up in such a short space of time when I started the blog.

I had an idea that things were not widespread than I first thought and realised this cannot just be me alone. It was reasonable to assume that there were a… number of difficult patients that has conditions of plausible deniability?

Indeed I was lumped into a room with a couple of dozen others no less than three times over the months! The recordings like most others are on here, do not worry I will collectively post ask the NHS ones soon! Umm or did I already do that recently? Dunno, I need to check. Done some but got distracted my…. idiots and illnesses, Lol.

Anyway I was supposed to attend these meetings every month. However after three meetings with me subsequently posting the recordings sharing they were more interested in recruiting people for zero wages the letter invites ceased to arrive?!

I think I can say with confidence that this was the first time that someone realised I was both recording as well as posting?! Oh no, I do not believe for one moment that the occurrence of recent… events are the first time someone realised what O have been doing. No, no this was simply when they realised just how bad it was, getting an idea of how much I had and likely still not been through half of it today?!

No it’s just that now I know several NHS departments and several other public services all now realise the… gravity of it or at least just starting to.

I told several friends when I started that there will be three things I will be looking for that will tell me that the message is getting through. In fact I stated that while each of these on their own are each a sign that I have achieved this but that these would all have to occur within mere weeks of each other to send me one big sign.

People, behaviours and statements are clues to these things. But as stated to be absolutely sure they had to occur within a very small time frame.

Now I thought these might take a year, maybe eighteen months even. I have to be honest that after the eighteen month period I started to doubt and then rule out entirely my original theory. So much so that I had completely forgotten it.

A few months over the two year period and two things occurred close to reach other. I still failed to recognise the significance despite it being part of an original theory. Then I remembered and then remembered the third thing and I thought “Hell, yeah!”, Lol!

In fact it could be argued that there was more than one? Some little things occurred I did not expect which was weird.

This would merely highlight that I was at the beginning of yet another phase. This phase, based on yet another industry I cover, would take 6 months minimum and up to a year maximum to produce other events I was both expecting and had planned upon.

Think of these expected things as… unachievable things on face value you can still achieve of you… go the long way round?

Well with a little luck.

In fact it works be more plausible to state that a number of quite varied things should occur. Some of these may signal an immediate end to some journeys. Others may signal the start of a war for others?

Damn my chest really hurts! Sorry I am wandering off topic here but I have had this intense pain that was worse than I remember the first time I had it. Maybe I need to take more pain killers? By that I mean my Tramadol. I have my knees up and rocking them side to side which is gently tugging at the painful area. When my knees sway left I get this blissful period of relief. I am going that this speeds up repair of the cause of the pain. I am thinking that this time there is a different factor? Due to the intensity of the pain I am wondering if muscle tendons or ligaments have torn away from bone?

I should find out or get a better idea this Thursday?!

Been waiting for the cooler weather to spark off a return to my philosophical meanderings but instead into a period of bloody pains lasting many weeks! I cannot even use gaming on my PC to take my mind of it this time?! Hence why I have suspicions of what I have done this time around and the fact I did this with my own arms is something of a shocker I must say.


I am awaiting several things too which all occur in the next four weeks…err I think? Lol. It’s an unusual trio of things I am looking forward too of the the things I am not only passionate about but take my mind off the long list of issues! So yes, they are entertainment but of the different varieties unusually!

Now on recent times the kinds of computer games I dreamed about for years started to appear with the titles Fallout New Vegas and Elder Scrolls V Skyrim.

A film of my favourite comic book from a kid about one of its most famous stories had been made but not seen.

My favourite music band I had long given up hearing from anything ever again have made a new album.

So I am praying the pain dies right down by the time that the following three of …

X-Men Days Of Future Past
Pink Floyd The Endless River
Dragon Age Inquisition

..are all released?!


At least I have evidence of the latest Doctor Who series has gotten better and better?! There is not much in the way of TV these days to interest me in all honesty. Outside of NCIS that I worry is not far away from nesting it’s own end as has two of the CSI series?!

Still 2015 has had a list of things and events exciting to me added to it that it seems to have grown exponentially and still seems to be every so often.

Though music being added to that list would be few and far between what with my favourite artists of Pink Floyd, Mike Oldfield, Jean Michel Jarre, Dire Straits and many others boot doing much these days and even my beloved Radiohead have slowed of late, short of Thom Yorke doing some solo and his Atoms For Peace thing which I now realise had a great sound.

Another X Men film, Superman, Justice League, Avengers, Shazam and a host of others and all I need to read about is Silver Surfer by Marvel and I think I will pass out?! Lol.

So plenty of room for my ever expanding list, not waistline but I had better keep an eye on it Lol, to grow?

Add on all the things from this blog and my grandiose battles being added and it’s quite impressive indeed! Also the court cases on the list and those being added! Lol!

Very weird and almost like it was designed?! Despite my clever plans not even I could lay claim to this not even close to expecting it!

Bizarre! Hope I hold out?! Lol!

NHS strikes: What next?


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